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Emotional difficulties with the transitions to and during college are actually very common and can become barriers to academic success.

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About Counseling Services

We are staffed by trained, professional mental health counselors. Counseling Services provides individual, couples, and group counseling as well as education, support groups, life coaching, prevention services, and consultation.

The top 10 things to know about Counseling Services are:

  1. Counseling Services are free to students enrolled at UH Hilo.

  2. Students need to call to make their own appointments. (808) 932-7465

  3. Students are in charge of their records and health information, except in life-threatening situations when counselors are required by law to report concerns.

  4. Counseling Services cannot share information with anyone, including family, friends, professors, and deans, unless the student has signed a Counseling Services consent form for release of information. This is not the same as the FERPA release of information form.

  5. Counselors do not prescribe medications, but they can refer students to Student Medical Services or a local doctor for a medication consult. Counselors will work with students who prefer to recover without the assistance of medication.

  6. Counseling Services does provide assessment for ADHD for the purposes of supporting treatment. There is no charge for this service. Students interested in obtaining assessments for other psychological or learning disorders may be referred to a private psychologist.

  7. Counselors prefer to have copies of records from previous providers, especially in cases that involve a recurring or chronic psychological disorder and/or psychiatric consults.

  8. Counselors cannot send messages to a client for you, or call to ask a client to come in for an appointment. However, counselors do provide appropriate follow-up with clients who have called to schedule an appointment.

  9. Counselors are available to consult with staff from other units, faculty and administrators as needed regarding students of concern to advise them regarding situations or protocol, but not to disclose information about specific students.

  10. Counseling is not provided via email.

Common Questions from Parents and Families

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