UH Hilo Care Team

UH Hilo Care Team

If you need to report an emergency, call UH Hilo Campus Security at (808) 974-7911.

Care Team Purpose

Students experience a wide-range of challenges and adjustments while attending college. As students are adapting to these changes there are times at which severe stress may result in distress or disruptive behavior.

The UH Hilo Care Team is a multi-disciplinary team who receives referrals about students whose behavior raises significant concerns and reasonably suggests that the behavior, physical and/or emotional state:

  • Presents safety issues for the student or others; or
  • May hinder the student’s ability to meet expected standards of conduct or achieve academic requirements; or
  • May be evidence of severe emotional distress

Behaviors of Concern

Signs that a student may be in distress and warrant a referral to the Care Team may occur in the following ways:

  • Academic

    • Communication that is threatening or suggests extreme distress
    • Academic work significantly deteriorates in quality
    • Pattern of missing assignments, appointments, or classes
  • Physical/Emotional/Social

    • Marked deterioration of hygiene, appearance or dress
    • Appearance of intoxication or being under the influence of drugs while in class or other settings
    • References to suicide
  • Behavioral

    • Threats to harm others or angry, or volatile behavior
    • Repeated and/or frequent displays of bizarre or unusual behavior
    • Angry outbursts/crying/extreme levels of disruptive activity or conversations

You may make a referral to the Care Team by completing the online reporting form or by contacting Karishma Kamath , Care Team Coordinator, at (808) 932-7472.

If there is an imminent threat of danger or an emergency please contact Campus Security at (808) 974-7911

When cases are referred to the Care Team, the team will assess the situation and develop a plan to provide supportive intervention services to help the student meet expected standards of conduct and to avoid the situation escalating to crisis level.

Care Team Members

The Care Team is coordinated by a designee of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students and includes representatives from the following programs: