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The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Main Campus is located at 200 W. Kāwili St., Hilo, HI, 96720. Join us for a personalized or group Campus Visit.

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The majority of UH Hilo classes, services and facilities are on the Main Campus. However, classes may meet at several locations across the island of Hawaiʻi, including the Manono campus in Hilo.

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Main Campus Map

Map of the UH Hilo Main Campus
Main Campus Map (PDF).

Manono Campus Map

Map of the Manono Campus
Manono Campus Map (PDF).

Bus Routes

Bus service is $1.00 to students with a valid student ID card. Additional fees may apply for items.

Both Bus Passes and Taxi Share Ride coupons are available for purchase from Mass Transit.

Visit the Hele-On Bus website for the most accurate information on the following:

Hele-On Bus

All buses are accessible to seniors and persons with disabilities and those with mobility devices.

There are buses stopping at UH Hilo each weekday.

  • The last bus to campus from Prince Kuhio Plaza is at 7:05 PM (M-F).
  • The last bus back from Downtown is at 9:30 PM (M-F).
  • The last bus back from Keaukaha is at 4:40 PM (Mon-Sat).

There are buses that stop at UH Hilo on Saturdays.

  • The last bus back from Prince Kuhio Plaza is at 7:40 PM (Sat).
  • The last bus back from Downtown is at 8:00 PM (Sat).
  • The last bus back from Keaukaha is at 4:40 PM (Sat).

Taxi Share Ride

The County of Hawaiʻi Mass Transit Agency provides the Hele-On Shared Ride Taxi Program in the Hilo urbanized area up to a nine mile radius from your point of origin within Hilo. Ace One and Kwiki Taxis has included in their fleet, an ADA Accessible vehicle which will be used for shared ride and regular fares.

Building Geocodes

The information below is also available as UH Hilo Buildings in JSON format.

Building name Abbreviation Number Geocode
100 Pauahi Street, Hilo, HI 96720HT0319.719656,-155.079880
34 Rainbow Drive, Hilo, HI 96720HT0219.718677,-155.106993
891 Ululani Street, Hilo, HI 96720HL0719.716689,-155.084885
924 Stainback Highway, Hilo, HI 9672019.643500,-155.079176
Administration BuildingADM33519.700557,-155.081297
Army Reserve AARMY-A9348A19.704324,-155.080833
Army Reserve BARMY-B9348B19.704553,-155.080931
Army Reserve CARMY-C9348C19.704828,-155.081171
Athletics Complex A320A320A19.698247,-155.083991
Athletics Complex C320C320C19.698354,-155.083027
Athletics Complex GymGYM320B19.698288,-155.083521
Athletics Complex StadiumSTADIUM320D19.697849,-155.084631
Athletics Complex Tennis Shack19.697859,-155.083504
Auxiliary Services AnnexAUX/Annex300T19.699694,-155.081837
Auxiliary Services BuildingAUX30019.699912,-155.081855
Auxiliary Services TrailersAUX/Trailers300E19.700123,-155.082146
Business Education Building and Computing CenterBUSED34619.702206,-155.080147
Business Office BuildingBO300A19.700253,-155.081871
Campus Center and BookstoreCC33619.700399,-155.080698
College Hall ACHA345A19.703377,-155.079581
College Hall BCHB345B19.703219,-155.079840
College Hall CCHC345C19.703304,-155.080458
College of Agriculture BuildingCAB31919.700196,-155.082610
College of Business and Economics BuildingCOBE33819.701135,-155.080100
Computing CenterCOMPCTR34619.702435,-155.080211
Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy Interim Facility ACOP-A318A19.697775,-155.089495
Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy Interim Facility BCOP-B318B19.697532,-155.089747
Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy Interim Facility CCOP-C318C19.697279,-155.089578
Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy Interim Facility DCOP-D318D19.697942,-155.089752
Hale ʻAlahonuaALAHONUA35619.698702,-155.079580
Hale ʻIkena AIKENA-A330A19.701034,-155.081859
Hale ʻIkena BIKENA-B330B19.701049,-155.082089
Hale ʻIkena CIKENA-C330C19.701002,-155.082302
Hale ʻIkena DIKENA-D330D19.700990,-155.082627
Hale ʻIkena EIKENA-E330E19.700984,-155.082967
Hale ʻIkena FIKENA-F330F19.700668,-155.083074
Hale ʻIkena GIKENA-G330G19.700414,-155.082947
Hale ʻIkena HIKENA-H330H19.700682,-155.082417
Hale KanilehuaKANILEHUA34719.701896,-155.083124
Hale KauanoeKAUANOE34319.701829,-155.082127
Hale KēhauKEHAU33119.701974,-155.082838
Hawaiʻi Innovation CenterHIC19.7253238,-155.0872819
Hilo Lagoon Center PenthouseHLCHL0619.717460,-155.076653
ʻImiloa Astronomy CenterIAC931219.700713,-155.088704
Kanakaʻole HallK33319.701900,-155.080474
Kukahauʻula / Institute for AstronomyIFA931119.703626,-155.090136
Life SciencesLS34419.702083,-155.081358
Maintenance Cottage345E19.702495,-155.079270
Manono CampusMC19.704688,-155.070253
Manono Campus, Building 380MC38038019.705150,-155.069368
Manono Campus, Building 381MC38138119.705550,-155.069439
Manono Campus, Building 381AMC381A381A19.705383,-155.068923
Manono Campus, Building 382MC38238219.704629,-155.069213
Manono Campus, Building 385AMC385A385A19.704097,-155.070336
Manono Campus, Building 385BMC385B385B19.704091,-155.070679
Manono Campus, Building 385CMC385C385C19.704293,-155.070698
Manono Campus, Building 388MC38838819.704076,-155.069355
Manono Campus, Building 389MC38938919.703802,-155.069413
Manono Campus, Building 393MC39339319.703307,-155.068895
Manono Campus, Building 395MC39539519.704315,-155.070430
Manono Campus, Hale Aloha, Building 383HALEALOHA38319.704261,-155.068908
Marine Sciences BuildingMSB35119.703317,-155.080897
Mookini LibraryLIB33419.701175,-155.080888
North Hawaiʻi Education and Research CenterNHERC938120.077074,-155.469418
Old GymOLDGYM345D19.702840,-155.079108
Old Gym Annex345F345F19.702694,-155.078948
Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resources CenterPACRC350A19.731005,-155.047378
Performing Arts CenterTHEATER34219.701244,-155.079430
Portable Building 1PB-1349A19.702923,-155.079615
Portable Building 10PB-10337A19.701342,-155.081293
Portable Building 11PB-11337B19.701193,-155.081357
Portable Building 12PB-12337C19.701365,-155.081429
Portable Building 13PB-13337D19.701610,-155.081314
Portable Building 14PB-14337E19.701616,-155.081178
Portable Building 15PB-15337H19.699033,-155.082229
Portable Building 16PB-16337I19.698977,-155.082145
Portable Building 17PB-17337F19.700113,-155.082949
Portable Building 18PB-18337G19.700028,-155.082891
Portable Building 19PB-19337K19.699789,-155.082971
Portable Building 2PB-2349B19.702971,-155.079516
Portable Building 20PB-20337L19.699567,-155.082875
Portable Building 21PB-21337M19.699397,-155.082992
Portable Building 22PB-22337N19.699585,-155.082622
Portable Building 3PB-3349C19.702680,-155.079730
Portable Building 4PB-4349D19.702776,-155.079784
Portable Building 5PB-5341A19.703409,-155.079387
Portable Building 6PB-6341B19.703565,-155.079386
Portable Building 7PB-7341C19.703489,-155.079226
Portable Building 8PB-833919.701875,-155.079114
Portable Building 8APB-8A339A19.701795,-155.079215
Portable Building 9PB-934019.701837,-155.079496
Sciences and Technology BuildingSTB32519.702841,-155.081681
Student Life CenterSLC35219.698692,-155.083072
Student Services CenterSSC35419.700765,-155.079829
Switchgear Building30219.700045,-155.083167
UH Center, West HawaiʻiUHCWH19.517642,-155.922218
UH Hilo FarmFARM37419.651362,-155.050643
University Classroom BuildingUCB30119.699671,-155.081365
Wentworth HallW34819.702646,-155.080970