Welcome to the Hilo Advising Center!

The Student Services Center is experiencing high temperatures due to air conditioning issues. Advisors are able to meet with students in-person, but students should be advised that the high temperature and the noise generated by temporary cooling devices may make advisement challenging. If you foresee these factors posing a challenge to your advising experience, you are invited to change the modality of advisement to Zoom or phone when dropping into the Hilo Express Advising Kiosk and scheduling appointments in STAR Balance. Mahalo for your patience.

Real-time drop-in advising is available through multiple modalities (Zoom, phone and in-person walk-in). You must check-in to see the next available advisor. Students will be helped in the order they appear in the queue, regardless of modality.

We are experiencing an increase in traffic due to spring 2023 registration and you may experience up to a 15-minute delay in the kiosk upon sign-in.

    Three Ways Advising Helps

    Match your strengths and interests with opportunities at UH Hilo

    Understand and complete your requirements in a timely way

    Develop a sense of purpose in your undergraduate education

    I would like to meet an Advisor

    Whether you are a new freshman, transfer, or continuing student with a quick question, we'd love to assist you. Please visit our meet your advisor page to connect to an appropriate advisor.