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Individual Counseling

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Students seek counseling for many reasons, and counseling helps in many ways:

  • Adjusting to university life
  • Learning healthy ways to cope with stress
  • Enhancing personal relationships
  • Treatment for depression, anxiety, and substance use
  • Coping with crisis (including domestic violence and sexual assault)
  • Creating a balance in their lives
  • Clarifying educational plans and life goals
  • Psychiatric referrals

Students also come in to talk story or because they want to find out how to help a friend.

Making Appointments - Making an appointment is easy - just call or stop by.

FAQs about Counseling - Answers to many common questions about counseling.

Confidentiality - Counseling Services are confidential, with a few exceptions.

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Counseling Services are free and confidential for all UH Hilo students.
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