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Commonly Used Forms

Effective January 2024, our office will be transitioning our forms from PDF to electronically submitted forms via the KualiBuild system. The Electronic Forms are available directly on the form links below and are indicated (Electronic ) next to the form name. To use the Electronic Forms, you will need to authenticate with your UH Username.

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Effective August 17, 2021, our office will no longer accept forms with credit card information via UH Filedrop. Forms with credit card information must be sent via fax, mail, or submitted in-person to our office.

  1. Download form onto your computer
  2. Open form in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  3. Click the Fill & Sign icon in the toolbar on the right side of the form
  4. Click Fill and sign button
  5. The sign button will now appear in a task pane at the top of the form
  6. Click the sign icon in the toolbar, and select Add Signature
  7. Click the Draw icon and use your mouse to add your signature on the dotted line
  8. Click Apply button
  9. Your signature will now appear on the form and you can drag it to the signature field you need to sign on the form
  10. Click outside of the signature field to set the signature in the field
  11. Complete the rest of the form
  12. Download the form to send the form electronically or print out the form and send via fax, mail or submit in-person.
  13. If your form requires the following, please proceed to the UH FileDrop instructions below:
    • Form requires approving signatures
    • Electronic document includes confidential information
  14. To send forms with confidential information, please send by UH FileDrop. UH FileDrop is a secure way of sending confidential information to a recipient.
  15. Forms with an asterisk * next to the name should be sent via UH FileDrop
  16. We advise students to contact the individual prior to sending via UH FileDrop to confirm the recipient email address that will be used
  17. To send forms to the Office of the Registrar via UH FileDrop, please indicate the recipient as
  18. To ensure adequate time to download the file, it is advised to select 14 days from the Expiration Timer field

Effective 5/7/2020: Forms have been updated to facilitate electronic signatures. Please download the form to access the electronic signature field on the form. For instructions on acceptable electronic signatures, please see instructions below.

Registration Forms

  1. *Academic Bankruptcy Declaration (PDF) (July. 2014)
  2. Auditors Form (Electronic ) (May 2024)
  3. *Change of Registration (PDF) (June 2022)
  4. Complete Withdrawal (PDF) (July 2019)
  5. *Credit by Institutional Exam (PDF) (Aug. 2017)
  6. Credit/No Credit Grading Option (Electronic ) (Apr. 2024)
  7. Directed Reading or Research Form, Undergraduate (Directed Studies 199V-499V) (Electronic ) (Mar 2024)
  8. *Permission to Enroll in Graduate Coursework as an Undergraduate Student (PDF) (June 2017)
  9. *Registration Overload Form (PDF) (Aug. 2018)
  10. *Registration Overrides will be issued directly by instructors via MyUH (Nov. 2023)
  11. Teaching Assistance and Tutoring Course (496) (Electronic ) (Apr. 2024)

Graduate Level Forms

Graduate Students should submit all forms electronically via the Kuali Build system at the link below. If you have any questions regarding electronic forms, please contact the Graduate Division. To use the Graduate Level Electronic Forms at the link below, you will need to authenticate with your UH Username.

Graduate Level Electronic Forms

  1. Form 1: Graduate Committee Formation
  2. Form 2: Thesis/Project/Dissertation Proposal
  3. Thesis/Project/Dissertation Defense Schedule
  4. Form 3: Thesis/Project/Dissertation Completion
  5. Petition to Substitute and/or Waive Courses - Graduate
  6. Permission to Register in (Subject) 500 Course
  7. Directed Reading or Research Course Form for Graduate Degree Courses (599V, 699V and 799V)
  8. Student Overload Approval Form Graduate Program
  9. Graduate Repeat Course Notification
  10. Petition for Leave of Absence
  11. Permission to Enroll in Graduate Coursework as an Unclassified Student
  12. Petition to Continue from a Master’s Program to a Doctoral Program
  13. Thesis/Dissertation Form for Graduate Level Degrees (700 and 800)
  14. Comprehensive Exam Reporting Form

Graduation Forms

  1. *Application to Graduate in Absentia (PDF) (Oct. 2017)
  2. *Catalog Declaration (PDF) , effective Fall 2011 (July 2014)
  3. Change of Major (Electronic ) (Mar. 2024)
  4. Graduation Application (Electronic ) (Mar. 2024)
  5. *Request for Modification of Academic Requirement (UG) (PDF) (Sep. 2016)
  6. Request to Mail Diploma (PDF) (Mar. 2023)
    • This form is for students who graduated prior to Fall 2022 (Effective Fall 2022, diplomas are mailed to students after graduation directly from our diploma vendor).

Other Forms

  1. Authorization to Pick Up Official Documents (PDF) (Aug. 2017)
  2. Authorization to Pick Up Official Documents Multiple Request (PDF) (Aug. 2017)
  3. *Consent to Disclose Education Records to Third Party (PDF) (2013)
  4. Certification Request (PDF) To certify from Summer 2023 - Spring 2024 (Jan. 2024)
  5. Certification Multiple Term Request (PDF) (Feb. 2016)
  6. Kingdom of Hawaiʻi Declaration Form
  7. Request to Opt Out of Directory Information (PDF) (2013)
  8. Transcript Request Form (online-external site ) (Mar. 2024)
  9. Transcript Forwarding Request (PDF) (Aug. 2018)
  10. *Tuition Appeal for Special Circumstances (PDF) (Nov. 2020)
  11. *Change of Name/Preferred Name Request (PDF) (Jan. 2017)
  12. *Student Personal Data Update Form (PDF) (Nov. 2020) - Form used to update Social Security Number change, new phone number, permanent address, physical address, or address after graduation.

Veterans Forms

  1. *Veteran Enrollment Certification Request (PDF) (June 2024)
  2. Veteran Exemption to Non-Resident Tuition Rate (Please see the Office of the Registrar to inquire about this exemption)
  3. Yellow Ribbon Program (Three slots available)(Electronic ) (Jan. 2024)
  4. Student Veterans Education Checklist (PDF) (June 2023)
  5. UH Hilo VA Information Package (PDF) (Aug. 2022)

All forms are available in alternate formats. Please contact the UH Hilo Office of Disability Services for more information: (808) 932-7623, TTY (808) 932-7002.