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Self-Help Resources

If you are looking for Sexual Assault Resources,please visit that page.

UH Hilo Student Panel on Resilience

These resources are provided as informational self-help resources only. If you are currently in distress, please call us at (808) 932-7465, or seek the appropriate emergency assistance.

Information about common concerns and links to more resources can be found at the bottom of this page.

Campus Resources

Campus Resources includes
Academic Resources, Support Services, Health and Wellness, Student Life and Involvement

American Psychiatric Association

Information about common mental disorders.

Multilingual Mental Health Information

Here to help
provides resources in Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Korean, French, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, and both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Campus Life

Campus Life includes
Clubs and Organizations, Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Arts, Culture and Media, Housing and Dining, Campus Safety

Go Ask Alice!

Go Ask Alice!
Answers about Emotional Health, Relationships, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs and General Health

Ulifeline Online resource for college mental health

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Counseling Services are free and confidential for all UH Hilo students. We welcome questions, comments and feedback about our website at