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Learn to manage your emotions with HeartMath!

Inner Balance (phone) or emWave Pro (computer)

What is Inner Balance by HeartMath?

Inner Balance technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional wellbeing. Learn to shift and replace emotional stress to create physiological coherence; a scientific measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind, emotions and body. Inner Balance analyzes and displays your heart rhythms, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which shows how emotional states are affecting your nervous system.

What is Coherence?

Psychophysiological coherence is characterized by increased order and harmony in both our psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (bodily) processes. In other words, coherence happens when the heart, mind, and emotions are aligned and working together harmoniously. This is measurable and marked by the development of a smooth, wave-like pattern in the heart rate.

Heart-Rythm Patterns table showing heart rhythms when incoherent versus when coherent

What are the Benefits?

When the heart has a more ordered and stable pattern being input into the brain during positive emotional states, it facilitates cognitive function and reinforces positive feelings and emotional stability. This means that learning to generate increased heart rhythm coherence, by experiencing positive emotions, not only benefits the entire body, but also greatly affects how we perceive, think, feel, and perform. Using Inner Balance may help to reduce stress-induced wear and tear on the nervous system, while experiencing greater emotional stability, increased mental clarity, and improved cognitive functioning.

Benefits of Heartmath

How to use Inner Balance:


  1. Download the Inner Balance app on your phone, tablet, or ipad
  2. Turn on and connect the ear sensor via bluetooth to your device
  3. Attach the sensor to your earlobe, and clip the device to your shirt
  4. Open the Inner Balance app
  5. Adjust/ experiment with different settings to aid your comfort
  6. Press play and match your breathing to the pace of the mandala
  7. After session ends, go to "Review" to see the details of your session

Where on campus are the Inner Balance devices located?

Inner Balance devices are located at the following locations:

emWave Pro- HeartMath option available at Counseling Services, Housing, and the College of Pharmacy!!

HeartMath Institute

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