Counseling Services

Why Should I See a Counselor?

Here are some of the things students may want to do when they come to talk story:

Icon of person looking in a mirror (Re)Connect with Yourself

Are you so busy you miss yourself? Do you take care of you? Do your actions match your values?

Icon of people shaking hands (Re)Connect with Others

Do you want to be more out-going? Does your temper get in the way? Counseling can help you learn the relationship and communication skills you need.

Icon of a wheel Find Your Balance

School, work, family, and friends! How do we do it all?

Breathe. Learn more about stress management.

Icon of person sitting cross-legged Cope with Life

There are ways to feel better, even if you can't fix your problems. Mindfulness practice can help you to learn to respond to situations, instead of reacting.

Icon of cartoon dialog boxes Make Changes

Procrastination? Insomnia? Drinking more than you want to? Talk to a counselor about tools that can help you make the changes you want to make in your life.

Icon of person with question mark superimposed on their brain Talk Story

There doesn't have to be a specific reason for counseling. Sometimes it's just nice to have a safe place to explore your thoughts, fears, or dreams.

Make an appointment to talk story with a counselor.