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E Mālama Pono

We know that identity and culture are important and we want you to know that we believe it is our kuleana to meet the needs of all students.

Lōkahi Wheel

Lokahi Wheel image - six sections, entitled Physical/Body, Spritual/Soul, Friends/Family, Work/School, Thinking/Mind, Feelings/Emotions

“All information about the Lōkahi Wheel is from my own perspective as a native Hawaiian. I am not pulling from any other source other than from my own experiences dealing with each aspect of the Lōkahi Wheel. Lōkahi translates to "unity", "unify", "in agreement", "in one accord", "unison", and "harmony". To me, applying lōkahi into our daily lives means to be in balance with everything we do and to know when it is appropriate to prioritize certain aspects of our lives. The Lōkahi Wheel represents important aspects of the life of a kanaka, or person. There are 6 sections: Spiritual/Soul, Friends/Family, Physical/Body, Work/School, Thinking/Mind, and Feelings/Emotions. Within each small section, you as an individual need to know what balances out one from the other.

Once you understand what that looks like for you, you need to understand how to balance out each of the 6 smaller sections to make one big wheel which represents you/your life. One section cannot outshine the others or you will be imbalanced and your wheel may not function properly. For some, they might get the concept right off the bat. For others, they might take a while to understand exactly how to make their wheels turn. The main thing is you do not rush through it as it is a part of the process one needs to go through.

As students of the University of Hawaiʻi and Community College system, we all have a particular reason why we embarked on our journey to achieve higher education. What is shown in this Lōkahi Wheel is the different parts of our lives that make up the experiences we may face while acquiring our degree.”

-- Malu Dudoit, Hawaiʻi Papa O Ke Ao, Support Facilitator

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