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Counseling Services Staff

Our full-time staff consists of three master's level counselors: Clinical Team Leader Andrew Polloi, M.A., LMHC, Emily Low, M.A., and Kerith Edwards, M.A..

Clinical Team Leader: Andrew Polloi, M.A., LMHC

photo of Andrew Polloi
Andrew Polloi

Andrew Polloi received his MA in Counseling Psychology from UH Hilo. Andrew seeks to create a supportive, culturally sensitive, understanding, sincere, and approachable working alliance. Andrew's approach to counseling is based on cognitive-behavioral theories and humanistic and person-centered theories. Andrew invites students to explore their potential and make the most of their personal and academic experiences. Andrew also directs the Men of Strength program at UH Hilo.

"At the core of my counseling practice I am a person centered therapist. In that, I believe that the human body and mind is designed to heal itself and if I provide an individual the opportunity they can feel empowered to make the changes they want in their lives. Providing empathy, authenticity, and unconditional positive regard are the core of all my interactions whether it be with students seeking counseling, faculty and staff consultations, or in my role as leader for Men of Strength. My vision for myself is to be a competent mental health counselor, be a resource and advocate for Pacific Island students and address gender based violence in our communities."

Emily Low, M.A., Counselor

photo of Emily Low
Emily Low

Emily Low is a proud graduate of UH Hilo with a MA in Counseling Psychology. Emily strives to be approachable and to listen in a safe, genuine, compassionate way. Emily uses a holistic, integrative counseling approach with a person-centered, relational-cultural and evidence-informed base. This is grounded in the primacy of the relationship and informed by each individualÔÇÖs unique values, goals, and worldview. Emily draws from cognitive-behavioral theories and seeks to offer accurate information and practical tools to support growth and change.

Emily grew up in a military family and comes to counseling with a background in education. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, groups, and families experiencing a variety of life transitions and concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, anger management, abuse, trauma and PTSD, loss, intimate partner violence, relationship concerns, AD/HD, LGBTQIA issues, medical and disability issues, and other mental health issues. She most recently worked as Intervention Specialist at the YWCA of Hawaiʻi Island in Hilo supporting families with young children. 

Kerith Edwards, M.A., Counselor

photo of Kerith Edwards
Kerith Edwards

Kerith Edwards earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo. She has been a college educator since 2002, and a counselor since 2014; she brings her understanding of students' unique challenges and potentials to her counseling work. Kerith believes that in order to help people improve their life experience, it is necessary to listen without judgement, observe with compassion, and then collaborate on the best path to change.

Kerith embraces each individual's natural ability to find meaning and purpose in life, regardless of cultural origins or personal history. Kerith has worked with students from many different backgrounds who are dealing with anxiety, depression, social isolation, family tensions, trauma, sexual abuse / assault, relationship stress, psychosis, sleep problems, self-harm, academic failure, grief, homesickness, and many other forms of personal distress and mental illness. She most recently worked as a therapist for West Hawai╩╗i Child & Family Service, counseling women, children and families impacted by domestic violence and sexual abuse. Kerith lived in Alaska, California, France, the Fiji Islands, and the Netherlands before settling permanently in Hawai╩╗i in 2004.

Summer Danner, Graduate Intern

photo of Summer Danner, graduate intern
Summer Danner

Summer is in the process of earning her MA in Counseling Psychology at UH Hilo. She is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment where students can gain insight into their experiences. She believes that each person is an expert in his or her own life and desires to support that person in the recognition and removal of obstacles to personal growth, to help them find a path to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. She combines principles from existential-humanistic and cognitive-behavioral therapies to support people in connecting their thoughts and emotions, deepening their understanding of what is meaningful and valuable in their lives, and gaining a greater sense of balance and wholeness. She has experience working with grief and loss, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other challenges people may face along their lifeÔÇÖs journey.

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