Counseling Services

Counseling Services Staff

Our full-time staff includes master's level counselors: Andrew Polloi, M.A., LMHC and Masha Mitsioura, M.A..

Andrew Polloi, M.A., LMHC

Andrew Polloi Andrew Polloi received his MA in Counseling Psychology from UH Hilo. Andrew seeks to create a supportive, culturally sensitive, understanding, sincere, and approachable working alliance. Andrew's approach to counseling is based on cognitive-behavioral theories and humanistic and person-centered theories. Andrew invites students to explore their potential and make the most of their personal and academic experiences.

Andrew also directs the Men of Strength program at UH Hilo.

"At the core of my counseling practice I am a person centered therapist. In that, I believe that the human body and mind is designed to heal itself and if I provide an individual the opportunity they can feel empowered to make the changes they want in their lives. Providing empathy, authenticity, and unconditional positive regard are the core of all my interactions whether it be with students seeking counseling, faculty and staff consultations, or in my role as leader for Men of Strength. My vision for myself is to be a competent mental health counselor, be a resource and advocate for Pacific Island students and address gender based violence in our communities."

Masha Mitsioura, M.A., Mental Health Counselor

Masha Mitsioura Maria “Masha” Mitsioura earned her Master's in Counseling Psychology from UH Hilo's Counseling program. Masha approaches counseling from a person-centered perspective. She strives to gain a genuine understanding of student's perspectives and aims to provide support and empowerment in students’ lives. Masha implements cognitive-behavioral principals and utilizes tools from DBT to support students in achieving growth and healing. She believes that cultivating self-love and practicing adaptive coping skills can help students navigate challenges and create their best life.

Masha brings a holistic outlook to counseling, viewing health of body and mind as equally important to well-being. Masha has worked with culturally diverse individuals and their families as a therapist with Hawaiʻi Behavioral Health. As an intensive in-home therapist, Masha provided counseling to youth with a variety of mental health needs. Masha has worked with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and other mental health issues. Masha supported clients in addressing family issues, relationship concerns and personal challenges including self-harm, sleep difficulties and academic problems.