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Alcohol and Substance Use in College

Are you thinking of cutting back? How much is too much? Find out where you stand by taking this 20-30 min. confidential interactive web program to receive immediate, personalized feedback about your alcohol use.

For more information about Alcohol and Drugs including signs and symptoms and how to get help, see Ulifeline 's Alcohol and Drugs page or learn about Addiction at .

What About Counseling?

Counselors with Counseling Services can assist students who wish to reduce their substance or alcohol use. The goals and discussion topics in counseling are up to the student, and counseling is voluntary. In accordance with our Confidentiality Policy, counselors do not have a duty to report substance use. Since counseling while under the influence of alcohol or other substances may not be effective, counselors may ask students to reschedule appointments if they arrive to Counseling Services and are not sober.

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