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    The first priority and fundamental mission of the Center for Global Education and Exchange (CGEE) is to internationally develop all aspects of the collegiate experience to assure that students are successful as future leaders in the greater world community. This critical mission is advanced by expanding the global reach of UH Hilo by advocating for all students, engaging faculty, and enriching the campus community by enhancing international education programs, and expanding campus diversity. By providing quality study abroad and student exchange choices the center fosters the development of the student's global perspective.

    For information regarding Incoming International Exchange visit the UH Hilo Exchange Programs website.

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    Study Abroad Tips!

    1. Plan Ahead! Commence research at least one year in advance of desired departure date.
    2. Research the host country's culture, religion, history, current events, & economy. This will help reduce subsequent culture shock and home sickness.
    3. Learn about traditional day-to-day behavior. What may be polite in one country-i.e, tipping-may be offensive elsewhere.
    4. Communication Abroad: Determine ways to communicate with loved ones and friends back in Hilo, new friends and the locals of the host country, as well as the local emergency number (because it most likely would not be 911).

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    Global Vulcan ListServ: UH Hilo students interested in opportunities to study, volunteer, and/or teach abroad should subscribe to this listserve to learn about the different programs, scholarships and events that are available to them. Note: Students returning from studying abroad should unsubscribe from this ListServ and join the Global Alumni ListServ.

    Global Alumni ListServ: Students returning from study abroad have the opportunity to network with Global Vulcan alumni who have done so, too. Periodically our office receives information about international related job opportunities, post-baccalaureate programs, volunteer opportunities, etc.

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