Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

UH Hilo Academic Affairs

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At University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs advises and assists the Chancellor and provides leadership to the academic and academic-related units of the university. Among the many responsibilities of the position, the Vice Chancellor

  • oversees academic planning, academic program review, and curriculum development
  • maintains liaison with other campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi system and with such external groups as the Legislature of the State of Hawaiʻi
  • coordinates with the accreditation liaison officer to WASC, the commission that accredits the university
  • supervises the deans of the five UH Hilo colleges and the director of Library, evaluating and approving their recommendations for faculty hiring, promotion, and tenure
  • supervises budget preparation for the academic and academic-related programs, allocating and reallocating funds and resources to and from these programs.
  • provides leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies

Major Functions

As part of the Chancellor’s Office, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs provides the executive leadership in assisting the Chancellor in the overall planning, organizing, and controlling of the academic program areas.

Serves as the principal assistant and advisor to the Chancellor in all academic matters. Develops and plans institutional and academic programs, budgeting and resource allocation; supervises staff development programs, federal grant program administration; monitors personnel actions and transactions; and participates in academic personnel policy development and negotiation.

Amount Function
25% Academic Administration: provides leadership in all academic matters; initiates, participates in and supervises academic planning; oversees academic program reviews and curriculum development; maintains liaison with other UH Hilo campuses and external groups and agencies on academic programs (e.g., Congress, State Legislature, Department of Education, State Board of Nursing); serves as academic liaison officer with WASC.
15% Personnel administration and development: supervision of personnel reporting to this position; evaluate and approve as delegated their recommendations for new/reallocated faculty, professional and support staff in the University's academic and academically-related programs; oversight of faculty and professional staff development.
15% Personnel evaluation: evaluate administrators reporting to this position; review and recommend action on applications for faculty and staff promotion and tenure; review and recommend merit, market and equity salary adjustments for academic administrators, faculty and staff.
20% Fiscal administration: supervises the budget preparation of the academic and academic-related programs for submission to the Budget and Allocation Committee; allocates and reallocates funds and resources (personnel, space, etc.) as appropriate to/from academic and academic-related cost centers.
15% General administration: preparation of reports, correspondence, etc.; coordination of academic and academically related programs with administrative affairs, and university relations; attendance at meetings; supervision of academic and academically-related Deans and Directors oversight of grant applications; and supervision of academically-oriented centers and projects.
10% External relations: consulting with groups relevant to the University; serving on advisory boards, assisting in University fund-raising efforts.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo was defined by the President of the University of Hawaiʻi System and was established and approved by the Board of Regents on March 2, 1992.


This is executive administrative work in planning, developing, organizing, directing and evaluating academic programs, policies, procedures and guidelines. Work involves providing overall leadership, direction and control in all academic areas; directing faculty - administrators in the evaluation and review of academic programs and curriculum development; implementing Board policies and procedures relating to academic programs; exercising seasoned judgment in determining the means, methods and resources necessary to achieve academic goals and objectives; serving as academic liaison with various state and federal academic educational boards, systemwide university offices, Legislature, etc.; overseeing faculty appointments, promotion and tenure recommendations made by college deans; recommending approval for salary adjustments for faculty and subordinate staff in accordance with University policies, procedures, collective bargaining unit agreements, etc.; recommending budget proposals for academic related programs; allocating and reallocating funds and resources; etc.

A position in this class serves as the chief academic advisor to the Chancellor for UH at Hilo and West Oʻahu on all academic issues and formulating academic policy proposals for consideration by the Board of Regents. Work involves considerable contact with senior executives, administrators, Board of Regents, legislators, state executives and representatives of the community. Work requires knowledge of academic programs and academic program planning and evaluation techniques and the ability to interpret and apply administrative policy statements to a variety of unrelated situations, to conduct and prepare program analyses, to communicate effectively, and the ability to establish effective working relations with a variety of personnel. Work is reviewed by the Chancellor for program results achieved.

Approved by President Albert J. Simone, President, University of Hawaiʻi, March 20, 1992.