Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Faculty Mentoring Program

The UH Hilo Faculty Mentorship Program is established by the Faculty Congress Professional Development Committee and supported by Chancellor’s Professional Development fund.

The goal of the mentorship program is to match junior faculty with senior faculty outside of his or her department to serve as a resource on the mentee’s particular areas of needs, ranging from excellence in teaching and research to understanding the culture of UH Hilo and the UH system.

Mentors and mentees will set their own schedules, but our expectation is that they will meet a minimum of 2 times a semester, with the mentor being available for questions that may arise in between meetings. The Chancellor’s Professional Development fund is providing small stipends for mentors in recognition of their time.

It is our hope that the Faculty Mentorship Program can foster meaningful discussions about excellence in teaching, research, securing funding, publishing, building an effective dossier, and understanding the culture of our campus, system and Island. The sharing of experience and ideas can also connect people of similar research interests and cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration.

Priority will be given to mentees who are junior tenure track faculty members, with an emphasis on those recruited to the university within the last two years.

To apply as a MENTEE: Mentee Application

Mentors are sought who have a record of scholarly activity, received teaching excellence awards, acquired extramural funding, or recognized within their departments as successful teachers/researchers. Our primary goal is finding mentors who are committed to helping junior faculty members succeed at UH Hilo and UH system.

To apply as a MENTOR: Mentor Application