Professional Development

Faculty Sabbatical Leave

Each academic year, faculty members who have completed six years of service (and have met other conditions) may apply for sabbatical leave for the purpose of professional growth and development. If you wish to apply for sabbatical leave, please access the Guidelines for Sabbatical Leave for Faculty.

If you are returning from sabbatical leave, please provide your Sabbatical Report to your Dean. The deadline for reports is no later than 6 months after returning from sabbatical leave. Your completed Sabbatical Report will be kept on file in your Dean's office.

Sabbatical Report Guidelines have been created to help you with this task. If you have any questions related to your Sabbatical Report, please contact the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Effective 2022- reports will no longer be posted to this page, please view archived reports that were previously posted to this website in the Sabbatical Report Archive