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Fall 2018 Proposal Deadlines:

Early Bird: Monday May 1, 2017 Final Deadline: Monday October 2, 2017


Useful Links

Click here to visit the Kuali Curriculum Management (KSCM) Resource Page

Reminder: Liberal Studies Pre-Approved:

All Liberal Studies Pre-Approved tracks need to be submitted to Kuali Curriculum for review and approval. Please follow deadlines posted above. Individual Liberal Studies plans for students will continue to be approved using the Liberal Studies Application form and do not need to be submitted to Kuali Curriculum. If you are interested in learning more about Liberal Studies Pre-Approved, please contact 04/2017

Deadlines for Fall 2018 Proposals:

May 1, 2017 Early Bird Proposal Deadline
May 2017 Proposal Input continues in Kuali CM, please contact Shelby Wong ( if you have any questions or need access
October 2, 2017 Curriculum Deadline, 12 Noon. All proposals must be submitted by this day/time to be considered for Fall 2018.
October- December College Level Curriculum Review Committees Meets, Reviews, and Approves proposals.
November-February Faculty Congress Curriculum Review Committee Meets, Reviews and Approves proposals.
February 15, 2018 All proposals are final approved by the VCAA
February- April 2018 Curriculum and Registrar's office input and prep approved proposals for implementation.
Fall 2018 All approved proposals are active.

Academic Program Action Reports to UH System:

Curriculum Planning Annual Report:


Contact Info:

For assistance with Curriculum, please contact:

Shelby Wong
Curriculum and Catalog Coordinator
Ph: (808) 932-7927