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Program Review

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Program Review Guidelines

Program Review Schedule

Schedule at a Glance:

Year Program
2016: 2017 BS: Computer Science
(Next Review: 2021-2022) BA: Economics
  BA & BS: Physics and Astronomy
  BA: Sociology
  BA & BS: Geology
  MEd: School of Education
2017-2018 BA: Japanese Studies
(Next Review 2022-2023) BA: Geography
  BS: Environmental Studies
  BA: Biology
BS: Biology
  BA: Anthropology
  MA: Heritage Management
2018-2019 MSCP: Clinical Pharmacology
(Next Review 2023-2024) PhD: Pharmaceutical Sciences (Provisional to Established Report)
BA: Natural Sciences
  BA: Linguistics
  BA: Philosophy
  BA: Performing Arts
  BA: Psychology
2019-2020 BA: Hawaiian Studies
(Next Review 2024-2025) BA: Kinesiology and Exercise Science
MA: Hawaiian Language & Literature
  MA: Indigenous Language & Culture Education
  PhD: Hawaiian and Indigenous Language Culture Revitalization


Completed Program Review MOUs

College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Management:

Program: MOU: Self Study: External Review Appendices:
CAFNRM   01/2016 02/2015  

College of Arts and Sciences:

Program: MOU: Self Study: External Review: Appendicies:
Administration of Justice 10/2015 Self Study 2015 External Review
- Appendicies Index - Appendicies A-Q
Anthropology 2005      
Art   2016 2016  
Biology 2005      
Chemistry 02/2016 2004   External Review
Communication 2014 Program Review Narrative  
- Tables
- Student Learning Assessment 1
- Student Learning Assessment 2
- Departmental Response to External Review
Computer Science 2012      
English 2016
2015 02/2016  
Education (MEd Program)   2016    
Environmental Science   Self Study 2015    
Gender & Women's Studies 2009      
Geography 2011      
Geology 2005      
History   2015 03/2016  
Japanese Studies 2009      
Marine Science 2016      
Mathematics 2013 Program Review Narrative
- Math Lab Report
- Kilohana Math Center Data
- Kilohana MOU 2009
- Grade Distribution
External Review Assessment Report
- Assessment Report Annual
- Institutional Goals
- Quantitative Goals
- Department Major
- Curriculum Matrix
- Long Range Plan
- Transfer Database
Annual Progress Report 2013-2014
Natural Sciences        
Nursing 2004      
Performing Arts        
Philosophy 2005      
Physics & Astronomy        
Political Science 2015 Self Study 14-15    
Psychology 2010      

College of Business Administration and Economics:

Note: The BBA, the BBA-Accounting, and the BA in Economics are accredited under CoBE by the Association To Advance Collegiate Schools Of Business(AACSB). Self-study in 2014 with reaffirmation in 2015

Program: MOU: Self Study: External Review: Appendicies:
Business Administration: Accounting Self Study 2012 External Review 02/2014  
Business Administration: General Business 2005      
Economics 2007   2016  

Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani College of Hawaiian Language:

Program: MOU: Self Study: External Review: Appendicies:
Hawaiian Studies and Hawaiian Language and Literature 2010      

Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy:

Program: MOU: Self Study: External Review: Appendicies:
Pharmaceutical Sciences