Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Course Scheduling Types- Modalities

Types Of Courses Offered

Course Type Definition Student Campus-Based Fees
Online Unscheduled (Asynchronous) This is an online unscheduled course. There are no scheduled meeting times. All coursework is done online. No
Online Scheduled (Synchronous) This is an online course scheduled at specific dates and times as listed. Scheduled online meetings will be via Zoom or similar, with all coursework done online. No
Hybrid This course is a Hybrid course. There will be a mix of face-to-face and online instruction. The instructor determines when students will attend face-to-face (in the classroom, laboratory, and/or field experience). Students are expected to attend face-to-face sessions as required by the Instructor. Yes
Hy-Flex This is a Hy-Flex Class. The comment section in STAR will specify whether it is for the online/face-to-face section. Students will choose to enroll in either the face-to-face section or the completely online section and will attend in this manner for the entire semester. Only students enrolled in the face-to-face section will be permitted to attend in person. Both sections will meet together at the same scheduled day and time. No for students in the completely online section
Yes for students in the face-to-face section
Face-to-Face This is a face-to-face course. Students are expected to attend all sessions in-person, though some activities may be done online. Yes

Campus-Based Student Fees

Depending on which types of classes you register for, your student fees owed may differ. Classes scheduled as Hybrid, Hyflex (In person section) and Face to face are considered in person classes.

Mandatory student fees are generally assessed of all students, in amounts set in accordance with Board policies, and as set forth in a fees schedule attached to Executive Policy EP 6.208. Mandatory Student Fees are charged to students at all campuses at which they are enrolled, regardless of whether the course is taught online or at a distance.

Campus-based mandatory student fees will not be assessed of students who are being taught entirely online or at a distance. Students who are enrolled in at least one in-person class will be assessed that campus’s campus-based mandatory fees.

UH Hilo Student Fee schedule