Faculty Handbook

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The University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo Faculty Handbook has been prepared with input from authoritative sources, including the university Library; the Office of Student Affairs; the Business Office; the Human Resources Office; and the Office of Technology and Distance Learning.

The handbook refers to many documents, almost of all of which are available online; click on the live links to view or download these documents. A print version of the handbook is published each August for distribution at New Faculty Orientation.

In this document, the following abbreviations are used for the six colleges:

The handbook contains UH Hilo academic policies in appropriate sections, highlighted for prominence' as well as references and extracts from UH system policies. Two essential web resources on university policies are:

The information in this handbook is checked each summer for accuracy and currency and may be updated during the academic year if the appropriate office provides more current information. Readers are encouraged to check with the appropriate office when any doubt arises about the accuracy or currency of handbook information.

Email questions, corrections and updates please contact Shelby Wong .

UH Hilo is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. The faculty handbook will be made available on request in alternative form for people with print disabilities.