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University 101: Paths to Academic Success

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Creating strong connections between new students, faculty, the university, and community provides an environment conducive for their success. UH Hilo has created 6 Living Learning Communities focused on mutual interest in Creative Arts, Business Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability, Hawaiian Language and Culture, Health and Wellness, and Natural Sciences. Students in these communities will be paired with an inspired faculty member that shares their interests and will help them successfully navigate their first year experience at University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Each LLC cohort will be enrolled together in a section of UNIV 101 Paths to Acad/Lifelong Success (1) , a course focused on creating student success.

Course objectives are:

  • Create a personal connection with UH Hilo that will last beyond graduation
  • Understand what it means to be a college student and a Vulcan in the context of the history and culture of UH Hilo and the surrounding community.
  • Explore and develop connections between academic majors and career paths and opportunities.
  • Understand and apply effective personal strategies (self-responsibility; time-management, goal setting, and prioritization skills)
  • Understand the ways in which high school study methods differ from those appropriate for college
  • Apply appropriate academic strategies (note-taking, test-taking, and reading skills) to courses and learning experiences.
  • Understand and apply skills, habits and practices that foster positive relationships with peers, faculty, and staff
  • Understand and use appropriate campus resources and opportunities
  • Understand the purpose, value, and requirements of campus policies and procedures, deadlines, and the UH Hilo Student Code of Conduct

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