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The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs serves as chief administrative officer to the Senior Vice President, University of Hawaiʻi, and Chancellor, University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Responsibilities include providing executive leadership, policy formulation, operational management and non-academic affairs program management in administrative affairs such as planning, budget, fiscal, human resources, environmental safety and health, computer center, and theater. The VCAA develops and manages the University's operative and capital improvements budget, physical plant operations, capital construction, auxiliary enterprises (food service and bookstores), and campus security.


We endeavor to be dedicated, caring and customer service oriented professionals who deliver quality administrative services to the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, supporting and enhancing the University’s fiscal, physical and human resources. Our competent stewardship of resources and an unwavering commitment to administrative excellence form a solid foundation in support of the University’s instructional, student services, and research programs.


The Division of Administrative Affairs will be recognized by the campus community as a valued resource and strategic partner, offering innovative solutions to ensure achievement of excellence by all university constituencies. We will be known for our accessibility to provide reliable, accurate, secure, and creative services while being honest, fair, transparent and responsive.


Our values are reflected in the following goals we have established that are aimed at achieving the highest level of customer service rating from our customers.

Customer Service
We are here for our students! We are determined to become an organization of partners whose goal is to meet and surpass the needs of the academic mission and be recognized for outstanding service that enables our customers (students, faculty, and staff) to achieve their goals.
Integrity and Reliability
We will always address our working relationships in every matter with openness, fairness, honesty, and the highest degree of ethics, knowing the importance of making decisions that are in the best interest of the university. We strive for transparency in our decision making process and we will be accountable for our actions.
Quality for us means to provide timely, professional, and superior service while continually assessing and seeking ways to improve our operations and services. We support on-going professional development of our employees, as we are committed to the concept of continuous improvement.
We will always be courteous, conscientious, and respectful in our dealings with others. We take pride in our work and value the high level of knowledge, dedication, and commitment our employees bring to the job.
We recognize our role as stewards of the university’s assets in managing resources responsibly, effectively, and efficiently. We are dedicated to maintaining and providing a sustainable working and learning environment.
We are working hard to promote a shared, consultative, and innovative environment with our peers and customers that includes listening and learning. Together, we find innovative ways to make processes work, to enhance processes, and to celebrate our successes. We find solutions to challenges. We will collaborate on issues and problems, and listen to each other and our customers.
We are dedicated to building an inclusive and welcoming environment where students, faculty, and staff can succeed and thrive.

The Division of Administrative Affairs contributes to the enrichment of our students’ educational experience by creating a clean and safe environment which is maintained and enhanced through the exceptional administrative services provided to UH Hilo students, faculty, staff, and community. Guided by our shared values, we commit to go beyond what is expected. Our collective goal is to be better than good, better than we have ever been.

The Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs and the employees of the division subscribe to the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and adhere to the Code of Ethics proffered by this prestigious organization.

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