Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Title of Position: Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs (TJHH)
Reports to: Senior Vice President, UH, and Chancellor, UH Hilo
Campus: University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
Office: Administrative Affairs

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I. Introduction

The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs serves the chief administrative officer to the Senior Vice President, University of Hawaiʻi, and Chancellor, University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, and provides executive leadership, policy formulation, operational management and non-academic affairs program management in administrative affairs such as planning, budget, fiscal, human resources, environmental safety and health, information technology services, and theater. The Vice Chancellor oversees the development and management of the University's operating and capital improvements budget, physical plant operations, capital construction, auxiliary enterprises (food service and bookstores) and campus security.

The Vice Chancellor advises the SW/Chancellor by analyzing issues, problems, concerns, and trends to determine the best recommended courses of action.

II. Duties and Responsibilities

Policy Formulation and Executive Leadership

Provides leadership and direction to the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo through policy formulation, development and implementation to ensure accountability and responsibility for efficient and effective compliance with state, federal, and university rules, laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Duties include developing management systems and control processes to promote policy and procedural compliance and efficiency within the UH at Hilo; developing, directing and implementing responsive, proactive, sound and accountable fiscal, budget, human resources, federal, and extramural programs, including grant administration and reporting; representing the UH at Hilo in collective bargaining negotiations and administration, including labor relations, grievance management, benefit administration, contract interpretations, workers' compensation, etc.; and analyzing and preparing long- and short-range facilities planning and development programs.

Facilitates, supports and enhances opportunities for the UH at Hilo to engage in new and innovative entrepreneurship initiatives by assisting faculty, staff and administrators in the management and development of such projects.

Assessment and Evaluation

Advises the SW/Chancellor on legislative issues and proposals based on anticipated trends, issues and concerns which include analyzing, preparing, and defending the UH Hilo budgets and requests; serves as the administrative advisor to the SW/Chancellor in determining appropriate allocations to UHIT programs based on the evaluation of program needs, requests and requirements.

Conducts periodic audits and reviews of fiscal and financial records to ensure that proper accounting and internal procedures have been developed and followed, including the preparation of contracts, specifications and procurement procedures. Administers human resources functions for faculty and staff including appointments, terminations and changes to appointments, which include ensuring that laws, policies and procedures are followed.

Provides innovative and creative leadership in the area of planning, development and trend identification in the area of hardware and software support systems, including telecommunications, academic technological access, etc..

Supervises, directs, and evaluates subordinate staff to ensure that administrative affairs program goals and strategic missions have been achieved to effectively operate the administrative programs of the UH Hilo.

Operational Management

Supervises the planning and implementation of the UH Hilo Long Range Development Plan, overseeing the planning and construction of all CII' and Repairs and Maintenance. Extensive involvement with senior campus and system administrators, system offices, faculty, public organizations and private businesses, and legislators and legislative staff.

III. List of Subordinates

  • Pos. No. 22231, Secretary III
  • Pos. No. 80641, Director of Human Resources
  • Pos. No. 80755, Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Pos. No. 80767, Director of Facilities Planning
  • Pos. No. 78142, Executive Director of Budget and Business Management
  • Pos. No. 81703, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
  • Pos. No. 78997, Director of Campus Security
  • Pos. No. 78797, Theater/Stage Manager

VIII. Minimum Qualifications Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree in finance, accounting, business/public administration, management, or related field.
  2. 5 years of successful senior level management in public/business administration or financial management
  3. Excellent organizational skills.
  4. Proven managerial abilities.
  5. Demonstrated ability in the area of land development and entrepreneurship;
  6. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with faculty, students, staff, community, legislature, state and federal agencies, and other campus and system administrators.

IX. Desirable Qualifications

  1. Master's degree in finance, public administration, accounting, business or related field.
  2. Experience in the financial administration in higher education.
  3. Proven success in obtaining external funding resources.
  4. Experience in strategic and institutional planning and one or more of the following: human resources management, facilities management, auxiliary services, telecommunications and/or information technology.