Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Naming Of Buildings Or Facilities Policy And Procedures


The Naming of Buildings and Facilities Policy establishes the authority, guidelines, criteria and procedures for the naming of buildings and facilities at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. The policy shall be in accordance with University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents Policy RP 11.203 “Naming of Campus Improvements and Academic Programs”; University of Hawaiʻi Executive Policy EP 11.203; and the BOR approved UH Foundation Guidelines for “Private Naming Opportunities.”

I. Guidelines

  1. The Chancellor recommends to the President, names for buildings, facilities, roads, academic programs, classrooms, laboratory buildings and other physical structures and improvements, for approval by the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents.
  2. The Chancellor may reserve any building or facility for a naming opportunity if potential funding consistent with UH Foundation Guidelines is available.
  3. The Chancellor has the authority to designate descriptive or functional titles to buildings, facilities, roads, academic programs, classrooms, labs, and other physical structures and improvements.
  4. Whenever possible, culturally and educationally appropriate Hawaiian words and language will be utilized. In such instances the Chancellor shall consult with Hawaiian programs and organizations on campus (i.e. Hanakahi Council, Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani, Kīpuka Native Hawaiian Student Center).
  5. The Chancellor shall establish campus procedures to be utilized in developing recommendations to be sent to the Board of Regents when other than a functional name is to be recommended for a building or facility.
  6. Buildings or facilities will not be named for living individuals and ordinarily not within five years of the person’s death, except as specifically provided by law, or except when approved by the Board of Regents in a special and well-justified case. (In such instances the procedure will be consistent with EP 11.203 Section III., Part C)

II. Criteria for Nominations (Other Than Functional Name)

  1. Person(s) nominated must have been actively connected with the University, or must have established from Hawaiʻi a position of national or international reputation in public service in higher education and meet one or more of the following:
    1. While serving the university in an academic capacity the nominee demonstrated such high scholarly distinction as to have earned sustained national or international reputation in the individual’s field or specialization.
    2. While serving in an administrative capacity, rendered distinguished and sustained service to the University warranting recognition of the individual’s exceptional contribution to the welfare of the University.
    3. Although not having served the university in an academic or administrative capacity, the nominee contributed in truly exceptional ways over a sustained period to the welfare of the institution or achieved such unique distinction as to warrant recognition.
    4. The nominee is of such outstanding character and distinction that naming a facility after them would bring honor to the university as well as, the individual.
    5. The nominee makes a contribution or is named by a donor who makes a contribution that makes possible significant additions to the university facilities or operations. Such contributions shall be consistent with UH Foundation Guidelines for Private Naming Opportunities.
    6. Members of the BOR, active employees of the university, former employees of the university and individuals holding elective office in the state of Hawaiʻi shall not be eligible for consideration until at least one year after the date of retirement or separation.

III. Procedure (Other Than Functional Name)

  1. Nominations may be submitted to the Chancellor for consideration via the “Naming of Buildings and Facilities Nominations Form” by any current university administrator, staff, faculty or student; alumnus of the university; or a member of the community whose nomination is co-sponsored by a current university administrator, staff, faculty or student.
  2. At the Chancellor’s request, the Building and Facilities Naming Advisory Committee will review nominations for naming buildings or facilities to determine merit and insure conformity with University of Hawaiʻi Executive Policies, UH Board of Regents Policies and UH Foundation guidelines. The Advisory Committee will be comprised of the following individuals or their designees: all Vice Chancellors and Directors who report to the Chancellor, the Chair of the Faculty Congress, an Executive Representative of the Hanakahi Council, and the President of the University of Hawaiʻi Student Association (UHHSA).
  3. The advisory committee will make recommendations on the nomination to the Chancellor for a campus-wide review.
  4. The campus wide review shall consist of a notification using various campus/university media and a 30 day period to solicit comments.
  5. The Chancellor shall consult with his/her executive staff and forward the recommendation to the President for board approval.
  6. In cases where the individual to be named is living or it is within five years of the person’s death, the President shall seek the advice of the Council of Chancellors who shall evaluate the nomination and provide their counsel regarding the nomination. The president shall meet with the board to discuss the nomination and shall share the evaluation of the Council of Chancellors with the Board. (EP 11.203 Section III. Parts C & D)

Revised 4/24/12.