Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services

Located in Building 300, Room 1 (behind the Business Office)
Phone: (808) 932-7009; Fax: (808) 932-7004

Auxiliary Services handles the daily operations of the campus. Services provided include:

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Keys & Locks

Hours of operation are 8am-4pm.

Complete the key request form (PDF), obtain the necessary authorization signature and fax (932-7004) or bring to the Auxiliary Services, building 300-101 at the Parking Office window, open 8am-4pm. A picture ID is required. If multiple keys are required for a particular room, advance notice is appreciated, so that a sufficient number of keys can be ready. Re-keying of locks is done on a case by case basis at program expense. Lock or key problems can be reported via a Work Order Request. If immediate access/securing is needed call 932-7009 (7:45am- 4:30pm). For after hours questions/problems call Security at 974-7911 or ext 7911.

Procedures for Reporting Lost/Stolen Keys

To report lost/stolen UH Hilo keys, complete the Procedures for Reporting Lost/Stolen UH Hilo Keys form (PDF).

  • Report lost/stolen keys to the signing authority on your original key request form, or your supervisor, department head etc.
  • File a UH Hilo Security and/or police report
  • Lost keys that are found will be returned to the owner, if they can be identified
  • If locks need to be replaced or re-keyed, you may be liable for the charges
  • To obtain replacement keys, a new key request authorization form is required. Each replacement key costs $2.00
  • Personal keys (as all other items) are turned into the UH Hilo's Lost and found, located in the Campus Center.

Mail Services Center

Hours of operation are 8am-4pm.

The University Mail Services Center window, building 300-102, is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with the exception of weekends and holidays. Mail is taken to the post office daily at 3:00 p.m. with the exception of weekends and holidays. Inter-campus mail is delivered and collected between 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

The Mail Services Center provides USPS services such as First Class, Priority, Express, Insured, Certified with Return Receipt, Business Reply, Standard or International mailings, and Bulk mailings. Most USPS forms and package types are available. There are size and weight requirements for different types of mail. To avoid delivery delays in mailing, call the Mail Services Center at (808) 932-7861 or email with questions or before doing a large mailing. Regulations require us to certify your mailing list prior to printing labels for bulk mailings. Services, such as Business Reply, also have requirements for use. Please contact us for details.

Personal mail can be mailed out through the UH Hilo Mailcenter with proof of a current and validated UH Hilo student, faculty, or staff photo ID for any mailings over 13 ounces. Personal mail that requires a custom form for International or US Territory are no longer accepted at the UH Hilo Mail Service Center. You may use your own stamps or purchase metered stamps at the window. We accept cash, check and credit cards.

Vendors, such as UPS , FedEx , etc. deliver at various times throughout the day. When expecting a perishable item, please inform us at (808) 932-7861. To ship out, other than USPS, contact the vendor directly to provide the necessary information then have them pick up the item at the UH Hilo Mail Service Center. For FedEx, please call 1-800-463-3339 to schedule a pick up.

UH Hilo only accepts UH related packages and mail. Do not send your personal mail to UH Hilo.

Motor Pool Rental

See the Motor Pool web site.

Hours of operation are 8am-4pm.

The Vehicle request form (PDF) may be faxed to 932-7004, after completion, to secure a reservation but the original needs to be mailed or dropped off at the Parking Office building 300-101. Please also print and read the Terms and Conditions of using UH Hilo motor pool vehicles. Authorized drivers and approving program are responsible for passenger and vehicle safety.

RISO clubs need to pay cash at the time they make a reservation. All van drivers are required to complete the van training program, prior to being allowed to drive. For weekend use, keys need to be picked up before 4pm on Friday. Vehicles cannot be used prior to the allotted time, as others may have them reserved. Vehicles are to be returned to the Motor Pool Parking stalls or the closest available stall in the area. A Motor Pool Rental Permit to Park is available for those who need to park their personal vehicle. The University parking permit or day pass is also required.

Parking on Campus

See the Parking web site for the UH Hilo Parking Policy and other important information.

Hours of operation are 8am-4pm.

Forms may be completed online and faxed with a copy of the valid vehicle registration and valid driver’s license to (808) 932-7004. Or, they may be presented in person at the Parking Office window, building 300-101.

An owner’s waiver form (PDF) is required if the person applying for a permit is not the owner of the vehicle.

The Parking Rules are enforced 24/7. Permits are only required on class days 6am-4pm. Final examination week is open parking.

Citations may be paid at the Parking Office window, by mail or by phone. If you feel the citation was issued in error, an appeal (PDF) may be filed. A response is usually available within 3-5 days. Citations need to be resolved before University services can be accessed. For questions concerning parking, call (808) 932-7001.

Telephone Services

UH Hilo emergency phone numbers are 974-7911, or on-campus 7911.

Moves, adds, and changes require a DAGS Telecom Request (PDF). Internal work, such adding a jack, requires a University Telecom Request (Word document). To better determine what is needed, call 932-7009. Phone repairs may be called in to 932-7009 or reported via the Work Order Request website.

Telephones will be authorized for all full-time professional staff members but where possible staff will share extensions by use of a key system. All other staff will share extensions. Installation of dedicated lines for faxes and modems will be restricted to Administrative Units/Programs (Colleges, Student Services, Library, etc.).

Work Order Requests

Requests for janitorial, grounds, or maintenance/repair services can be made at the Work Order Request web site. For emergencies, call the office 932-7009 and then followup with a Work Order Request. Programs are responsible for their own logistics but assistance is considered on a case by case basis.

Vehicle Acquisition Requests

If you are wanting to acquire (buy, lease, donation, etc.) a vehicle, you must first fill out the vehicle acquisition request form (PDF). Have the account's principal investigator (PI) sign the forms. Use the "Cost Comparison Form (PDF)" to demonstrate you've considered other alternatives and how they don't apply. When forms are complete, route through Auxiliary Services.