Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Implementation of Parking Task Force Recommendations

March 2005

As approved by Chancellor Tseng, there was a parking task force to review campus parking operations and make recommendations for changes. This task force met in Spring 2004 semester. Some recommendations considered as “housekeeping items” were implemented during Summer 2005. Other recommendations were distributed for public review and comments late Fall 2005 semester. After receiving inputs from the faculty, staff and students, the following recommendations were endorsed by the Chancellor’s Cabinet on March 3, 2005.

  1. No change to the current General and zoned Preferred lots.
  2. Require verification of vehicle and applicant information to minimize inaccuracies. DMV registration, current driver’s license, and owner’s waiver (if the vehicle will be operated by someone else) will be required to purchase permits. To be implemented when purchasing permits for Fall 2005.
  3. Eliminate the free short term parking stalls and offers a refund of the daily parking pass if people leave campus within 30 minutes. Daily passes will be available at the main entrance and at the guard shack at Zone 6. To be implemented for Fall 2005.
  4. For invited guests, implement a validation process so Programs can pay and the guest can get a refund for their daily parking pass. To be implemented for Fall 2005.
  5. Make most parking stalls on campus 9' wide and label any stalls 8’6” or less as “compact”. To be implemented for Fall 2005.
  6. State vehicles only park in designated stalls, and designate the dirt lot between the Welding and Auto Mechanic’s shop as State Vehicle long term parking for lesser used state vehicles. To be implemented for Summer 2005.
  7. Raise the daily parking rate from $2/day to $3/day. To be implemented for Fall 2005.
  8. Require all new constructions to consider adequate parking. Effective immediately.