Long Range Budget Planning Committee

Long Range Budget Planning Committee (LRBPC)

The Long Range Budget Planning Committee (LRBPC) was formed in 2007. Please review the purpose, composition, and membership of the LRBPC at the link just beneath this paragraph.


UH Hilo Program Data (November 2, 2020)

The LRBPC has deliberated the data sets and considerations that are being used to assess academic programs in light of budget reductions. Discussions have revolved around the number of students that programs serve, student demand, assessment of student-semester hours (SSH), growth trends, efficiency in graduating students and financial efficiency. A program’s relevance to the campus’ mission as a Native Hawaiian/Indigenous serving university, the distinct nature of the program, and service to community needs are also given strong consideration for the future of the program.

The data set has been compiled to assist in providing recommendations to the Chancellor for the implementation of budget reductions. The information is being posted widely for all on campus to review. The data may be found at this link: UH Hilo Program Data

Programs/units with questions should discuss with their respective Deans/Directors over the next two weeks for additional discussion with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Individuals may provide anonymous comment using the UH Hilo Program Data Comment Form.