Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) consists of a manager and several IT Specialists. Members support computing in administrative offices. They provide problem analysis, system design, programming, and program maintenance support. They install and maintain purchased software packages and assist offices in generating reports. They also provide internal support for VAX Alpha /VMS hardware and software. They install and maintain the system and its application software. They also identify and resolve system-related hardware and software problems. They are responsible for performance monitoring and tuning, configuration, resource use, accounting of current VAX Alpha services, account authorization, security monitoring, network management, and evaluating, recommending, and installing software. Information Technology Services also provides support for SIS WEB and Touchtone applications systems which run on an NT machine.

In order to access the Student Information System (SIS), Fiscal Management Information System (FMIS) or electronic mail systems, you must first have a computer which can be connected to the system. Faculty and staff can request to be connected to the data communications system by calling the Help Desk at (808) 932-7040. There is no cost if you are requesting a line, and equipment to supply the connection is available in or near your building. There may be a long wait, depending on the difficulty of the installation, and availability of resources.

Academic Computing Services (ACS) also installs ethernet cabling and software. Users wishing to connect to their Novell file server(s) should contact ACS regarding software or cable installation. Please contact the UH Hilo Help Desk.

Finally, ITS acts as a contact point for students, faculty and staff who wish to obtain accounts on the University of Hawaiʻi Information Technology Services (UH-ITS) unix computers. ITS maintains 5 Sun computer systems, which provide services such as electronic mail, file transfer (FTP), Telnet and USENET electronic news on the system-wide basis. Currently, ITS acts as a point of contact, requesting and issuing accounts from ITS as well as submitting termination requests. Therefore, all person who wish to obtain a general user computer account are subject to Information Technology Services' policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines are located on their website. To request an email account students, faculty and staff members can go to MyUH Services. Email accounts remain active as long as you are attending UH Hilo or are a UH Hilo employee.

The Administrative computing team strives to provides the UH Hilo campus and Administrative users the best service while staying abreast of the current technologies. If you need assistance in this area, please contact the UH Hilo Help Desk or email us at