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TPRC Guidelines for UH Hilo

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Aloha and welcome to the portal for Tenure, Promotion, and Contract Renewal submissions at UH Hilo. All guidelines and dates are compiled on the Faculty Guidelines page on the VCAA website for Hilo.

Tenure, Promotion, and Contract Renewal submissions

In the “Dossier” tab in the online tenure and promotion portal, please ensure that all of your documents are uploaded and contain at minimum the following seven (7) categories:

  • Minimum Qualifications (Part I)
  • Applicant Certification (Part II)
  • Curriculum Vita (Part III)
  • Course Information (Part IV, A, B, C)
  • Statement of Endeavors (Part IV, D)
  • Statement of Plans for the Future (Part IV, E)
  • Supporting Materials (Appendices)

You will be able to add sections as you see fit, such as breaking the supporting materials section into smaller subsections. Fillable templates based on the paper documents will be available for the first two items. The remaining parts will be submitted by each successive reviewer.

As with the paper application, the burden to organize materials in a way that is clear and accessible to reviewers rests with the applicant. Be concise, but also assure that the reflections and organization communicate your story completely to readers who may not be in your discipline.

Please also make sure that you are referring to the set of Supplemental Criteria for Faculty Tenure and Promotion designed for your particular faculty status and classification. All are available on the Faculty Guidelines pages.

Requests for exclusion will not be submitted through this portal. Please follow the directions in the promotion and tenure documentation.

University of Hawaiʻi Tenure, Promotion & Contract Renewal​ Portal

Download PDF - TPRC Guidelines for UH Hilo

Submission Portal FAQ


What is the new electronic Tenure and Promotion online system?

The new Tenure and Promotion online system gives you the ability to deliver your dossier materials via the Internet. The concept of using a digital platform for the tenure and promotion process was first conceived when the University of Hawai’i Professional Assembly (UHPA) and University of Hawai’i administrators sought to modernize the process.


How will I be notified that I can begin using the electronic Tenure and Promotion online system?

You will be notified by email. Your email notification will contain a web link to the electronic Tenure and Promotion website, and a link to your Google Shared Drive Account where all of your dossier content will be stored.


Do I need any sort of training for the new system?

Yes. Training will be provided to guide you through the electronic application process. Training is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended that participants attend one of the training sessions.

Why do I need a Tenure and Promotion Google Shared Drive?

The Google Shared Drive is the repository where all of your dossier document files will be located. Each applicant will be assigned a Shared Drive folder for this purpose.

What can I do with my assigned Shared Drive folder

Primarily, your Shared Drive folder has been assigned to you as part of the electronic online Tenure and Promotion system. We’ve identified ways in which you can fully utilize your Shared Drive below.

TIP: Please take note of your Application ID Number. You may need to remember it when searching for your Tenure and Promotion Shared Drive folder.

  • You can add, drag and drop any document from your desktop or laptop computer into your Shared Drive folder.
  • You can move Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and other Google-based files from your Google Drive (My Drive) to your assigned Shared Drive folder.
  • You can use your Tenure and Promotion Shared Drive folder as a repository for all your related dossier documents that you may want to link or attach to your electronic Tenure and Promotion dossier application.

NOTE: Any Google document that you store or upload to the Tenure and Promotion Shared Drive must be a document that you “own.” Only files that you own will be transferred, otherwise a pop-up error message will appear.

NOTE: Here’s a list of files that can be stored in Google Drive.

Which Browser works best with the Online Tenure and Promotion System?

Chrome works best.

Can I change the categories on my dossier application?

Yes. You can change the description of the category by clicking on the edit icon (pencil in box). To add a new section, simply click on the “Add Section” blue button on the header. You may also move section categories in a different order. Hold the cursor over the section until you see a perforated border around the section, then drag and drop it into the place you want it to go.

NOTE: It is recommended for UH Hilo Applicants that the six (7) categories preloaded be retained, unless the category does not apply to the Applicant. Templates for the first three areas will be provided on the Faculty Guidelines sites for UH Hilo.

Do I need to upload separate files in each category? What if I want to upload one long document?

You have the option to upload separate files in each category or upload one single document under a category that you created and labeled. Reviewers at other campuses were receptive to both methods of uploaded dossiers. Some applicants also created an introduction summary of how to review their dossier to ensure easy navigation.

In the hard copy dossier, pagination was very important. Do we need pagination since many of the evidence will be linked digitally?

Pagination is not required; however, simple pagination would be helpful to reviewers when referring back to your narrative, especially if you plan to upload one long narrative and is thus recommended. If you upload your files in different sections, then pagination could be reset from page 1 for each new file you upload under 2 new sections. It’s not necessary to carry-on the pagination from file to file, since the reference point will be the category subject head.

How do I upload a document to my dossier application?

There are several options in which to upload a document to your dossier application.

upload menu

Upload File

  • Search for a file on your computer to upload to your dossier application.
  • You have an option to convert to a Google Doc or keep the file in its native format, such as a Word Doc file.
  • You must add a description. This description is editable in this interface. NOTE: While the file description can be edited, the file name cannot be changed in this interface. Make sure you plan ahead in establishing a naming convention for your files that makes sense to your reviewers.

Create A New Google Doc

  • This feature allows you to create a new Google Doc in your assigned Shared Drive.

Link Dossier To Google File

  • This feature allows you to link to a file in your assigned Shared Drive.
  • Only files that have not yet been linked to your dossier will show up in the list of files available to link. TIP: You may want to first upload files to your Shared Drive that you wish to link to your dossier. This can be done by either uploading from your computer or from another Google folder from My Drive.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded through the Dossier page?

The maximum file size is 100MB

How do I delete files from my dossier?

There is a trash icon that will delete your file from the dossier. Please note that this will not delete the file from your Shared Drive.

Can I change the file name once I’ve linked it to my dossier application?

You need to be cautious about changing any file names on items you’ve linked or attached to your dossier application. The editing tool in the dossier section only allows you to change the name of the description of your file; not the name.

Once you name your new Google Doc, you cannot edit/change the name in the dossier application. Even if you try to change the name in the Shared Drive, the name will not be updated on the dossier application.

TIP:Here’s a work-around to this problem. Delete the file from your dossier. Go to your Shared Drive and rename the file. Then use the upload method “Link Dossier To Google File” to link the file to your dossier.

What word processing software should I use in creating my dossier?

Google Doc is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • You can create links to other documents stored in the Shared Team Drive.
  • You can create bookmarks, table of contents, paginations, etc.
  • Your reviewer will see your Google Doc in the original format, ensuring that all features work properly.

Microsoft Word can also be used. Hyperlinks in your Microsoft Word document will open when the reviewer clicks on the link, but the table of contents and bookmarks created in Microsoft Word will not work.

NOTE: Any non-Google document such as Microsoft Word that is uploaded in its native format will be shown in the Google Reader. The Google Reader will not translate all of the features of the native document.

TIP: You may upload your Microsoft Word document to your Shared Drive and save it as a Google Doc. If you choose to do this, please review your uploaded document. Some features in Microsoft Word do not transfer well to Google Doc.

Can I upload PDF files?

Yes. Please note that any hyperlinks established in your PDF files will not work in the Google Reader.

Can I create hyperlinks in my narrative to external websites and documents stored elsewhere?

Hyperlinks work the best when the materials are in your Google Drive. You can create hyperlinks to any external website url where hosted files are stored, such as Youtube, college websites, business/corporation/ organization websites, etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that all hyperlinks work and will remain accessible during the review process. You should only create hyperlinks to documents stored in your Shared Drive.

NOTE: Do not link to any files that you do not own. The owner of the files may decide to delete, exclude you from accessing it, change content, etc. The best work-around to this problem is to make a copy of the shared file and save it in My Drive. Hence, you become the owner. Then, move the file from My Drive to the Shared Drive.

Websites where you have to login to access, it is recommended that you print the pages and scan them as pdf and upload the document to your Google Drive.

How do I create a hyperlink in my Google document?

Here are simple steps to hyperlink a file to your Google document.

  1. Find the file you wish to hyperlink. (Make sure it is already stored in your Shared Drive.)
  2. Right click on the file. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Get Shareable Link.” Click on the “Copy Link” button and the link will be copied to your clipboard. Leave link access to Restricted. share menu
  3. Right click on the file. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Get Shareable Link.” The link will be copied to your clipboard.
  4. Open the Google document that you wish to insert the hyperlink url
  5. Highlight the word or phrase you wish to link. Then click on the "paper clip" icon on the toolbar. Then, in the popup window type appears where you can paste in the url.

Do I need to use the templates provided to list my education background, courses taught, and assigned time?

No, the templates were provided as an option to help you get started in uploading some required information, such as education background, list of courses taught, list of assigned time, UH employment history, etc. The UHCC versions of these downloadable templates may be found at:

Online Tenure & Promotion and Contract Renewal System

Please note that if you decide to format your own information, please refer to the template for the required list of information to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

How do I make a copy of my shared Google drive?

Making copies of your shared drive files isn't necessary. The Tenure and Promotion system will make a copy of your shared drive and email you a link to it when your application is submitted. You will have full control over the files in the copy.

Download PDF - Submission Portal FAQ