Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Dean’s Job Description

The Dean is a key member of the Chancellor’s executive leadership team and is charged with providing academic and administrative leadership for the respective college, serving as an active supporter and proponent of the missions and goals of the Hilo campus and the University of Hawaiʻi system.

As the senior manager for the college, the Dean is the lead facilitator and coordinator of the academic, curricular, research and service programs and is responsible for all administrative matters, including human resources management, space utilization, financial management, and budget planning and execution for the respective area of responsibility. The Dean must ensure that the academic/instruction, research and service responsibilities of the faculty members and the duties and responsibilities of staff are performed at the highest level of achievement, to support and enhance the education of the students; contribute to the community; and support the institution and the overall strategic missions of the college and campus. The scope of responsibility includes, but is not limited to, providing effective leadership, direction, and support in establishing, communicating, and achieving short- and long-term development goals and initiatives to promote the academic, research, and community service missions of the college and campus; developing and maintaining excellence in instructional and research programs through the recruitment and retention of high quality faculty and staff; building positive faculty and staff morale; securing appropriate funding from State, Federal, corporate and private sources; ensuring active and productive annual giving programs in cooperation/collaboration with The University of Hawaiʻi Foundation; promoting active communications with alumni; establishing positive, proactive relationships with potential donors and sponsors; and coordinating activities with local, national, and international organizations to promote the college/campus. The dean is also expected to actively engage in research, scholarship, and/or professional activity in the subject area of the respective college. This expected commitment is in line with the academic and management nature of the position.

Inherent in the Dean's leadership role as a senior member of the Chancellor’s team is also the commitment and responsibility to ensure the advancement of the strategic plans of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo (UH Hilo) campus as well as that of the University of Hawaiʻi system. This includes assuring that the college’s overall goals and missions are aligned with and supportive of the UH Hilo campus and University of Hawaiʻi system strategic missions and development goals. As the Dean is the administrative standard bearer for the college, the Dean must positively support the campus vision, mission, and goals and clearly articulate the broader perspective and responsibility to the faculty members and staff within the respective college. The Dean must judiciously balance the best interests of the college with those of the campus, system, and community.

Equally important is the Dean's responsibility to embrace the cultural diversity of the University's constituencies and act responsibly to educate the people of Hawaiʻi and to contribute to the quality of life in Hawaiʻi.

In accordance with the Board of Regent's action taken on July 16, 2004, this class is established effective July 19, 2004.

Signed: 7/1/2004