Center for Global Education and Exchange

Steps to Study Abroad

Initial Advising

  1. Meet with a study abroad advisor
  2. Understand the study abroad requirements
  3. Choose a study abroad option

UH Hilo Study Abroad Application

  1. Read & understand the study abroad application checklist
  2. Complete the study abroad application.
  3. Be sure to submit necessary documents.

Scholarship Opportunities

  1. The window for scholarship and aid applications is generally from January 1st to March 1st.
  2. Refer to the study abroad Scholarship Opportunities page.
  3. Check out the UH System Scholarship Database.

Financing Study Abroad

  1. Complete the budget sheet using your email.
  2. If applicant qualifies for financial aid and he/she has met with a study abroad advisor then applicant should set up an appointment with a financial aid counselor at the UH Hilo Financial Aid Office.

Host University/Affiliated Program Application

  1. Once the applicant's UH Hilo study abroad application has been accepted the assigned study abroad advisor will then guide the applicant through the Host University/Affiliated Program application process.
  2. Provided CGEE have all required documents, the office will mail the applicant's completed Host University/Affiliated Program application.
  3. The first official transcript required to be submitted to host university/affiliated program is free.

Study Abroad Course Approval

  1. A minimum of 15 credits per semester abroad needs to be approved before student departs to Host University/Affiliated Program.
  2. Student must complete a Study Abroad Course Approval (SACA) form with courses that he/she is planning on taking abroad.
  3. The completed SACA form must be submitted to the respective department chairs to be approved. For example, an anthropology course will need to be approved by the Anthropology Department Chair
  4. View list of approved courses from abroad

Review the Global Vulcan Checklist (PDF) for guidance.