Center for Global Education and Exchange

Study Abroad Survival Skills Course

IS 393 Foreign Field Experience (Study Abroad Survival Skills Course) is a mandatory course for students who are abroad. This course examines ways to facilitate the student's culture and communication learning, while providing a chance to reflect on the experiences abroad as they are occurring. More specifically, this includes the following learning objectives:

  • Developing culture learning strategies for adjusting and adapting to the new culture; interpreting the host culture; recognizing nonverbal patterns of communication; and interacting with host culture persons, such as homestay family members, roommates, and/or classmates.
  • Developing a better understanding of cultural variables such as value orientations, communication styles, and nonverbal communication.

The course is designed to be flexible to accommodate study abroad students, it will be offered online during the course of the student's studyabroad experience. Students will be asked to interact with and submit assignments and respond to other students comments via the Laulima on-line learning environment.

The Center for Global Education and Exchange will automatically register students for this course.