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Study Abroad FAQs

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Application Process FAQs

When should a student study abroad?

A student can study abroad as long as the minimum qualifications are satisfied.

What is the difference between a Direct International Exchange program and International Education Organizations (IEOs)?

Direct International Exchange Program: Student pays UH Hilo tuition to attend any of CGEE's partner institutions around the world. International Education Organizations (IEO's) are programs where students pay tuition directly to the host program/university.

When is the UH Hilo Study Abroad application deadline?

Plan Ahead! March 1 for Spring, March 1st for Summer, October 1 for Fall and Academic Year.

How to download an unofficial copy of student transcript?

Student should start by signing into STAR (using MyUH Services login information) and choose the transcript tab.

Select the Transcripts tab

Select Campus transcripts by semesterChoose “campus transcripts by semester.”

To export the transcript, choose the “PDF” tab and slide the cursor to the bottom right of the document and click on the save button.

Choose Save as PDF

Can a student study abroad for more than one semester? Is there a maximum?

Yes, students can go abroad for a maximum of 2 years but only attend one university/school/program for a maximum of one year.

How early can a student start applying?

Applications are due one year in advance.

Does CGEE offer summer programs abroad?

Yes. View summer programs.

Eligibility FAQs

Is there a minimum amount of credits a student needs before going abroad?

Yes, students need to have completed a minimum of 24 college credits before departure.

Is there a minimum required GPA?

Yes, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0

A Freshman who does not meet the requirements is intending to study abroad during Sophomore year. What should the student do?

The student can still apply! The CGEE office will do a GPA check at the end of the student's first semester to determine study abroad eligibility.

Are students required to speak the host country's language?

No, most of CGEE's partner institutions have courses in English but student should confirm with study abroad advisor.

Credit FAQs

Will all courses taken abroad be awarded UH Hilo Credit?

Yes, as long as the student submitted a complete Study Abroad Course Approval (SACA) Form prior to departure & an official transcript from host university must sent to the CGEE office.

Is there a limit on the number of units that can transfer back to UH Hilo?

No. However to maintain a full-time status, students will need to take at least 12 US equivalent credits per semester while abroad.

Overseas Travel

What is a student VISA?

A VISA is an official document allowing students permission to enter a specific country for a period of time. For most study abroad programs that are longer than 90 days, students will need a VISA. Usually students can travel on a tourist VISA if the program is less than 90 days.

How to apply or renew passport?

Visit the official U.S passport information website .

When should students book their airline ticket?

Students should book their ticket AFTER the acceptance letter from the host university is received.

How should I prepare for my study abroad program?

Research the host country's culture, religion, history, current events, & economy. This will help reduce subsequent culture shock and home sickness. Learn about traditional day-to-day behavior. What may be polite in one country-i.e, tipping-may be offensive elsewhere. Be sure to have completed the IS 393 Pre-departure Orientation Course one semester prior to departure.

Cost and Financial Aid FAQs

Can I use my financial aid and other scholarships I receive here at UH Hilo for my program?

You can use all your federal financial aid except for work study. You can use scholarships for your study abroad program unless it specifically says you can not.

When do students pay tuition to UH Hilo?

Students going on a direct exchange program must pay UH Hilo tuition before the deadline specified by UH Hilo.

When will I receive my financial aid to help pay for my study abroad program?

As long as your completed budget sheet and Study Abroad Course Approval form are submitted and turned into our office, your aid will be disbursed to you ten days before the first day of your academic semester (not the first day of orientation) . If your program commences in June or July before UH Hilo's fall semester, your aid will be disbursed at the same time as the rest of UH Hilo students aid gets disbursed in the fall semester.

Health FAQs

Do students need medical insurance?

National Health Insurance is mandatory for some universities. The CGEE office highly recommends that students going abroad obtain a travel insurance.

Do students need to get any vaccinations before going abroad?

Each country has their own requirements. Students should review the Host University application or Host country VISA application for information regarding vaccinations. For more information, please visit the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Travel website

Family FAQs

Will a study abroad experience delay your student's graduation?

No, as long as your student has an approved study abroad course approval form and passes his or her classes abroad with an equivalent U.S "C" or better.

Can I see my student's records while abroad?

Not unless the student gives consent, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Does my student's financial aid apply to studying abroad?

Yes, as long as your student completes an equivalent to a minimum of 12 U.S credits while abroad.

How much help is too much?

Because students will be on their own while abroad, it is in their best interest to complete all applications on their own and take responsibility for preparing to study abroad.