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Applications are due one year in advance of expected study abroad term(s).

  • October 1st deadline for the following Fall term or Academic Year.
  • March 1st deadline for the following year’s Spring Term.

Credits and Transfer Process

All credits taken overseas will transfer back. Before a student studies abroad they need to meet with their academic advisors to figure out what classes abroad would be best for their academic goals. Any course that they are interested in attending abroad needs to be approved by the appropriate department chair via the Study Abroad Course Approval form (available for download at the CGEE website). A minimum of 12 UH Hilo credits per semester abroad are required. Only courses that are completed with a 70 percent or better will transfer back to UH Hilo. Student’s UH Hilo GPA will not be affected by course grades abroad.

Cost of Study Abroad

When UH Hilo students study abroad at any one of UH Hilo’s direct exchange partners they will continue paying their UH Hilo tuition while abroad.

Financial Aid

Students studying abroad receive financial aid as they would if they were attending a normal semester at UH Hilo. All financial aid received (except federal work study) carries over to the students study abroad experience. In paperwork terms the student is still a UH Hilo student, they are just attending a class in a building overseas. All financial aid rules and penalties still apply.


Most scholarships that students are already receiving will still apply while they are studying abroad. Students planning to study abroad can qualify for even more scholarships specifically for studying abroad. Students should keep in mind that the deadline for study abroad scholarships are different for each scholarship.

Meet exchange students and alumni

Through the Center for Global Education and Exchange, interested students and faculty can meet exchange students and alumni who have attended UH Hilo’s exchange partners.

Classroom Visits

Through CGEE, professors can arrange classroom visits inviting alumni and exchange students who are willing to talk about their experiences at UH Hilo various exchange partners.

Additional questions?

The Center for Global Education and Exchange is always available to discuss the benefits of studying abroad, opportunities available to UH Hilo students, and the application process. Email us, give us a call, or stop by our office today!