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Study Abroad Advisors

The Center for Gobal Education and Exchange staff aims to provide quality assistance to students who are interested in applying for study abroad. The staff has made the process for applying for study abroad simple and short so that students would feel engaged to apply for any study abroad program.

carolina lamCarolina Lam, Director, Global Education

Greetings! As an alumni of UH Hilo, I am thrilled and honored to be working at my alma mater in the area of international education. I strongly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to go abroad – for a summer, semester, or even a year! Our office will be happy to assist you in finding the right program and with applying for scholarships to go abroad. So, check us out!

Kirstie in ChicagoKirstie Naone, Program Coordinator

Advisor for South America & South Korea

Study Abroad Experience: Kirstie studied at Hanyang University in South Korea, the University of Stirling in Scotland, and Chung-Ang University in South Korea.


BirttanyBrittany Luna, Study Abroad Advisor

Advisor for Japan & Semester at Sea

Study Abroad Experience: Brittany went on the Semester at Sea Program and also went on National Student Exchange (NSE).


CullenCullen Mandrayar, Study Abroad Advisor

Advisor for Australia & New Zealand

Study Abroad Experience: Cullen studied at the University of Victoria in New Zealand.


KassandraKassandra Bailey, Study Abroad Advisor

Advisor for Europe

Study Abroad Experience: Kassandra studied at Anglo-American University in the Czech Republic.



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