Center for Global Education and Exchange

Prepare to Leave Campus

Cancel On-Campus Housing

Leaving campus for Study Abroad is considered a legitimate reason to cancel your housing contract.

For further questions about UH Hilo Housing, contact Housing at (808) 932-7403.

Sublet Off-Campus Housing

If student will be away for a summer, a semester, or longer and would like to sublet his/her apartment, try some of the following to advertisement options:

Host university/affiliated programs will provide student with a list of items to pack. Remaining items should be stored away in a safe place. Storage options include:

Storage in apartment
Student should confirm with landlord the possibility of using the apartment as storage.
Self-storage units
Check out these self storage facilities located in Hilo.

Submit Necessary Documents to CGEE

Student must submit the Study Abroad Course Approval Form (PDF) (SACA), Budget Sheet, Pre-departure forms and any other document(s) specified by study abroad advisor before departure to avoid any HOLD on student's status.