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Why Study Abroad

UH Hilo encourages all undergraduate students to study abroad. Study abroad is a crucial part of a well-roundedundergraduate education.

The Big 3:

  • Academic perspective
  • Personal development
  • Career enhancement
  • Become more mature and self-confident while learning the skills to succeed in an unfamiliar environment and enjoy adapting to new places.
  • Earn academic credit that will fulfill graduation requirements while experiencing a new environment.
  • Get an international experience beyond a superficial tourist experience.  Understand how culture  guides values and behaviors, and learn to respect different cultures.
  • Practice intercultural competencies that enhances career and social relationships
  • Add to resume which will make it more appealing to employers.
  • Enhance career opportunities with a second or third language which is invaluable to the future of the workforce.

Student Testimonials


Evailaufaumalu Sala

Semester at Sea– Worldwide

Business Administration

"The learning experience on SAS is phenomenal! Imagine reading an article about the apartheid in South Africa for a class discussion, waking up the next morning and travel through Cape Town seeing and feeling the familiarity of what you read . It is the kind of thing that neither a textbook or classroom can provide. As the first Samoan student from UH Hilo on SAS I encourage all my Pacific Islander peers to study on SAS. Jump out of your comfort zone and fall in love with the world!"


Allena Ikehara

Seinan Gakuin University, Japan

Japanese Studies

“For me it was like a dream, I never thought that I would be able to have the chance to travel to a foreign country. The time I spent in Japan is one I’ll never forget. I’ve made friends from all over the world and throughout this whole experience, I have learned so much about different cultures, lifestyles, values, and myself. I hope one day I’ll be able to return, see everyone again.”


Sabrina Hanabaga

Castellano en Peru, Peru


“Overall, studying abroad in Peru is an experience that I have learned so much from, which has led me to grow as a person and develop new cultural and personal values.”


Ryan Bishop

Victoria University, Australia

Marine Science

“While I was studying at Victoria University in Wellington, I joined as many clubs as I could, to get out and meet new people and explore the country. On weekends I mingled with the locals, “kiwis”, and during breaks I travelled the islands. It was hands-down one of the greatest experiences of my life and if I ever had the opportunity to do it again, it wouldn’t even be up for debate in my mind.”