Center for Global Education and Exchange

UH Hilo Transfer Credit Procedures


  1. Earn passing grade of equivalent to a U.S "C" (70%) or higher at host institution.
  2. Any course taken abroad that is completed with a "D" (69%) or lower will not be recorded on your UH Hilo transcript.
  3. Upon receipt of official host university transcript the Center for Global Education and Exchange will relay it and the matching Study Abroad Course Approval (SACA) form to UH Hilo's Admissions office for official credit transfer. If any of the courses listed on your transcript do not match the courses listed and approved on the SACA form then you will be notified through STAR and a hold will be placed on your UH Hilo student account. This hold will render you unable to request a transcript or register for classes until an updated SACA form is submitted to the Center for Global Education and Exchange/Study Abroad office.

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