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STAR Announcements and Updates

STAR-related announcements and updates will be posted to this page when there are large and impacting items. This page will be updated on a yearly basis and older items will be removed at that time. Please contact for more information or with any STAR-related questions.

April 2024: ISAT (Information Security Awareness Training)

  • Starting on April 1, Star and other apps will require a valid ISAT to login Star admin apps (GPS Advisor, Balance, Cashiers, Scholarships Awarding/Management, Academic Logic, Kama‘aina Admin, Service Opportunities Admin, Degree Rules Admin)
  • The ISAT validation check is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to increase compliance in meeting its mandatory annual requirement under UH Administrative Procedure 2.215 and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”), a federal regulation that requires recurring employee security awareness training. The validation check ensures that account holders with access to UH Protected Data considered medium and high risk are ISAT compliant.
  • ISAT expiring within 10 days - Star will display a warning message
  • ISAT expired - system will stop login
  • In preparation for this upcoming change and to avoid access issues, account holders with expired ISATs or no ISAT history are advised to take the training before April 1. Refer to the ITS FAQ page for more information.
  • Upon successful completion of the ISAT, your access privileges will be restored the following morning. For urgent situations where you need immediate access, ACER contains a link that updates your ISAT results on demand, allowing your access to be restored the same day.

Questions or issues? From April 1, contact the ITS Help Desk.

February 2024: Real-time transfer of a student's "foundation" and "diversification" requirements across all 10 UH campuses effective Fall 2024

  • Effective Fall 2024, if a student's Foundation and/or Diversification requirements have been met at one UH institution, STAR will automatically propagate that information to all other UH institutions the student transfers to. This change will have no campus-level personnel impact in terms of additional workload and will instead leverage technology.
  • Please refer to the February 12, 2024 Memo signed by VPAS Debora Halbert
  • Any questions about this decision or the implications for specific campuses should be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Strategy.

May 2023: Med-Proctor Real-time sync button

  • Nightly Updates

    • Normal process of syncs each night between Med-Proctor/Banner/STAR
  • How long does it take for Med-Proctor to be updated in STAR?

    • The Real-time sync button will only work when the student has been cleared by Med-Proctor
      • Students cleared of the Health/Immunization hold will receive an email notification that their Med-Proctor records were verified
      • Med-Proctor has been given up to 3 days to process the paperwork
        • You may click on the Real-time sync button starting on day 4
        • If you click before day 4, you may still have the hold on your record
  • What is the Real-time sync button?

    • Real-time sync button is for students who receive notification that their Med-Proctor records were verified. It will update the student’s health clearance status in real-time.
    • In STAR for Students/STAR for Advisors on the GPS Registration tab, go to the title bar of each semester.
    • Press the Health/Immunization symbol STAR Health-Immunization symbol Health-Immunization symbol in STAR GPS
    • Select the More button More button to view more health requirement information
    • The real-time sync button will then appear New Real-time sync button
    • Once clicked, a Completed statement will then appear Completed statement after clicking the real-time sync button
  • Will every student and advisor see the Real-time sync button in STAR?

  • Who can click on the ‘Re-sync’ button?

    • Students admitted to a UH System campus (eg. UH Hilo)
    • Advisors with Banner GOAMEDI access