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General Information:

UH System Academic Calendars

  1. STAR for Advisors (only available from UH campus)
  2. Academic Logic (only available from UH campus)
  3. MyUH Services
  4. Banner ( restricted access)
  5. Banner Central Website
  6. Online Reports - University of Hawaiʻi Institutional Research Office
  7. Faculty Evaluation Statistics
  8. Student Enrollment Headcount (IRO)
  9. University of Hawaiʻi Master Course List (list of active courses for the ten campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi System)
  10. New General Education beginning Fall 2010

General Forms

  1. Consent to Disclose Education Records to Third Party
  2. Directed Reading or Research Form, Undergraduate (Directed Studies 199V-499V)
  3. Directed Reading or Research Form, Graduate (Directed Studies 599, 699, 799V)
  4. Registration Override Form
  5. Report of Incomplete Work (PDF)
  6. Request for Modification of Academic Requirement


  1. How to Enter Final Grades in MyUH

Registration Override Codes & Instructions

Instructors are under no obligation to sign a Registration Override Form. It is up to the instructor on a case-by-case basis. Instructor may enter override directly in MyUH Services.

Faculty can grant access and overrides for students directly through MyUH. For complete instructions please review the Faculty Tutorial available on MyUH Services.

What are registration overrides?
Registration overrides are for faculty to grant exceptions to registration restrictions (missing prerequisites, co-requisites, wrong major, class full, time conflict, etc.) or special approval for a particular student.
Who can grant overrides?
Faculty are authorized to access and grant overrides only for their own classes. Authorized administrative staff may also enter overrides via Banner.
How do I view students with overrides for my classes?
You may access the Registration Overrides Summary screen from the Faculty Main Menu and view overrides for any class you are scheduled to teach.

Registration Overrides should NOT be used for:

  • Waitlisted Courses
  • Crosslisted Courses with 0 Available Seats
When should an override be made?
Permit / Overrides should be inputted before the student attempts to register for the class.
What information do I need in order to enter an override?
You will need to know the student's ID number or UH username, the course CRN, and the type of override needed.
What types of overrides are available?
UH Hilo Faculty, please restrict usage of registration overrides to the following:
Registration Override Code ¹ (on MyUH Faculty Services) Purpose for Override
Hilo Reg. Permit (PERMIT) allows registration in a closed class when there are no available seats
Hilo Reg. Authorization (AUTHORI) 1. grants instructor permission
2. overrides prerequisites
Program Override (PROGRAM) permits non-UH Hilo nursing students to register for UH Hilo nursing classes
Time Conflict Override (TIME) enables registration in a second class with a time conflict (start and end at the same time)
Duplicate Class Override (DUPLICATE) enables registration in 2 sections of the same course:
1. allows students to take 2 or more Special Topics and/or Experimental Courses at once
2. beginning on the first day of instruction, allows students to drop and add an alternate section of a course

¹ The following overrides are reserved for the Dean's Office and other UH system campuses. UH Hilo Faculty, please do not grant these overrides:

  • Level Override
  • Prereq / Coreq / Spec / Cap Override
  • Repeat Times Override
  • Repeat Hours Override
  • Attribute
  • Degree Override

Please advise the student that s/he must register for the class in STAR GPS to complete the registration process. Tuition and fee assessments will appear on the students account after registration is processed.

Students have up until the Last Day to Register or Add a Class deadline to register for a class in STAR GPS. Overrides must be entered prior to students registering for a class with a registration error. If the deadline passes, students must then work with their instructor and the College Dean of the course to request for special permission to register for the course using a Change of Registration Form. This is approved on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed.

Curriculum & Program Deadlines

Please see the Curriculum Resources website for curriculum deadlines.

Curriculum Forms & Instructions

For deadlines to submit Curriculum Proposals to the Campus-wide Curriculum Review Committee, please visit the Curriculum Resources web page.

Kuali Student Curriculum Management (KSCM)

Create, submit, and approve all Course Proposals electronically using Kuali (KSCM). For more information and access, please contact Shelby Wong .

More information is also available at the Kuali Curriculum Management Resources site.

To contact the UH Hilo Office of the Registrar , email Questions regarding other University of Hawaiʻi campuses should be directed to the appropriate campus contact.