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Change of Major

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Change/Declare a major/minor/concentration/subject certificate

You must be currently enrolled at UH Hilo to make changes to your program. Please be aware that changing your major might impact your ability to receive Financial Aid.

Major Change Electronic Form

Effective Fall 2022, change of major requests received by the Office of the Registrar after the second Tuesday of the term will be processed for the following term.

Declare your change of major
Requires UH Login


Your request will be processed within 15 days of receipt of your electronic Change of Major form. If there are any issues with processing the request, we will contact you via email. Once your request is processed, the change will be viewable in STAR.

Effective Fall 2022, email requests received by the Office of the Registrar by the second Tuesday of the term will be processed for that term. Any email requests made after that date will be changed for the subsequent term (Spring/Summer/Fall).

Change of Major process does not apply if you are

  • A Graduate Student
  • An Unclassified (non-degree) students
  • Changing from Pre-Nursing/Exploratory Health Sciences to Nursing
  • Changing to Pharmacy
  • Changing student level (undergraduate to graduate)
  • Newly admitted students who have not yet registered for courses

If any of the above apply, please contact the Admissions Office.

Secondary record at another UH Institution

If you have a secondary record at another UH institution and you are currently taking courses from that institution, our office will determine the status of your secondary record.

  • If the other institution can be removed, we will indicate your secondary UH Hilo record instead and no further action is needed.
  • If the other institution must remain on your record, you will receive an email.
    • Use the What If Journey in STAR to view requirements for a major, minor, or subject certificate that is not on your student record.

Pursuing Additional Programs

Due to a current system restriction, we are only able to input 2 separate programs onto your record to be viewable in STAR. You may choose a primary and secondary program. For the third program, you are able to view the requirements by using the "What If Journey" function in STAR.

When you apply for graduation, you are able to graduate with as many programs that you would like. However, for viewing purposes in STAR, you can only declare 2 separate programs.