Office of the Registrar

Request to Appeal Tuition for Special Circumstances

Tuition Appeal for Special Circumstance is used to request consideration for an exception to established UH Hilo policies and procedures in the event of extenuating circumstances that are beyond the student’s control, such as serious illness or injury, a death in the family, involuntary job transfer or military service, or an institutional error during the term appealing. Appealing for reasons such as failure to pay adequate attention to detail about published processes or deadlines or for ignorance of such published material are inadequate.

Appeals about grades or concerning residency are not covered under this appeals process. Appeals about grades should be handled through the Academic Grievance Process. Appeals regarding residency should be handled through the Residency Officer.

Appeals for Special Circumstances should be printed and signed (not emailed) and should address a specific issue and requested remedy. Appeals will be investigated and a decision rendered on a time-permissive basis. Appeals typically take several weeks to investigate and have a decision rendered. Phone calls and personal visits delay the process, not expedite it.

To include supporting documentation of medical information or records from the University of Hawaii Hilo Student Medical Services, please complete the Consent for Release of Medical Information or Records form (PDF) with the UH Hilo Student Medical Services to release your medical information or records to the UH Hilo Office of the Registrar. Please contact the Student Medical Services at (808) 932-7369 or with any questions or concerns regarding this form.

Please note we may need to request additional documentation upon review of your request to make an informed decision. You will be contacted via email if additional information is needed. Appeals received without supporting documentation will not be reviewed.

If an appeal is approved for a term where third party or federal funding was received, be aware there may be other implications for receiving a tuition reduction.

Questions about appeals may be directed to the Office of the Registrar at (808) 932-7447 or email at

Student Services CenterThe Office of the Registrar is located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Center, in room E-101.