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Kuali Student Curriculum Management System (KSCM)

For proposal submission timeline and other forms, please visit UH Hilo Curriculum Resources.

Getting Started

Visit the link above to login with your UH Username and Password. After logging in you will see the home screen:

KSCMLoginMainKuali Student Curriculum System home screen

  1. Tap the "Apps" Icon
  2. In the drop down menu, tap "Curriculum"

Once you tap "Curriculum" it will take you to the Courses Main page.

Courses Main Page

KSCM Courses MainCourses main page

  1. Left Side Navigation: Lets you switch between the Courses, Programs, Proposals and Reports Screens. See below sections for descriptions of each.
  2. Main Search Box: This box contains a listing of all currently approved courses at UH Hilo, if you are proposing a course modification, you will search for your course here. Type in the course alpha in the search box at top to narrow the selection down.
  3. Action List: If you are an approver, the action list is where you will approve pending proposals. The action list will only show items that are pending your approval.
  4. New Course: This button will take you to the proposal form for new courses. Please see the New Course Tutorial for more information.

Programs Main Page

KSCM Programs MainPrograms main page

The programs main page looks similar to the courses. To search for a program use the search bar at center. New programs are proposed using the "New Program" box at top right.

If you are unable to see your approved program in the box, please contact Shelby Iwamoto (

Proposals Main Page

KSCM ProposalsProposals main page

The proposals screen is where you will see any proposals being worked on across the UH Hilo campus. The list will default to show only proposals that you have created.

Using the filters on the right side, you can further filter the list down to view various sub-sets of proposals:

Filter Definitions

Shows proposals that have not been submitted to workflow for approval yet.
Shows proposals that have been final approved via the workflow process.
Shows proposals that are currently in workflow for approval.
My Proposals:
Only shows proposals that you have created

KSCM User Tutorials


For assistance with KSCM, please contact Shelby Iwamoto .

Shelby Iwamoto

Academic Curriculum and Graduate Program Officer

(808) 932-7927

College of Business and Economics Building, room 201