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Ke Alaloa O KÅ«kini

Ke Alaloa O KÅ«kini - The Long Pathway of the Swift Runner - 265 Mile Island Run

Sign up today in the Weight Room!

Complete the distance of the KÅ«kinis' path and earn a Ke Alaloa O KÅ«kini t-shirt!

To Participate:

  • Register at the weight room desk
  • Exercise on a treadmill or elliptical
  • Log in your miles after each workout
  • Get healthy and earn a t-shirt!
  • No time limit, work at your own pace
Congratulations to our first 265 mile island runner, Preston Vierra!

History Of The KÅ«kini

Ke Alaloa O Kūkini, roughly translated is "The Long Pathway of the Swift Runner". In ancient Hawaiʻi, messengers (Kūkini) were sent out to call in other chiefs for meetings, to call for tribute, to gather in laborers to build public works projects such as temples, to spy on rival chiefs, and to summon warriors to battle. The Kūkini were elite warrior-athletes, often of chiefly descent, who were selected to undergo rigorous physical and mental training.

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