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Student Life Center Membership

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Student Life Center The Student Life Center enhances the quality of life and builds the campus community by educating and encouraging participation in activities that promote healthy lifestyles, social interactions, and leadership skills. The department creates an atmosphere that encourages individuals to develop life-long involvement in recreational activities and is dedicated to meeting the changing needs of a diverse community by offering quality structured and informal recreational opportunities. View Facility Hours.

Membership Plans and Fees (Effective August 22, 2022)

Membership Type Faculty Staff Faculty Staff Spouse UH & HCC Students Alumni ³On-Campus Partners
²1 Month Full $50.00 $50.00 Per Semester only $78.00 $55.00 $50.00
¹Early Bird $25 ¹Early Bird $25 Summer Semester $35.00 - ¹Early Bird $25
6 Months $280.00 $280.00 - $320.00 $280.00
¹Early Bird $140.00 ¹Early Bird $140.00 - - ¹Early Bird $140.00
1 Year $520.00 $520.00 - $600.00 $520.00
¹Early Bird $280.00 ¹Early Bird $280.00 - - ¹Early Bird $280.00
  1. Early Bird Time Restriction: Members must enter the Facility no later than 1:30 PM, Monday - Fridays. No time restriction on the weekends.
  2. Recurring payments: are available for monthly memberships.
  3. On-Campus Partners: Sodexo, Astronomy Centers, RCUH and Contracted Staff - Please call (808) 932-7611 for questions regarding your status.

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UH Hilo Students

You’re already a member if you are taking an in-person class. Online-only classes? Pay $78 at the front desk.