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Bike Share Program

Campus Recreation and Wellness offers a Bike Share Program that will allow students without reliable transportation to increase mobility around town. Students can ease car traffic around Hilo, promote physical fitness, and help decrease dependence on fossil fuels. Borrowing a bike is simple, and we encourage all Vulcans to test-ride our bikes for your short errands.

Water Related Rentals

Let us help you explore our Hawaiian waters! We now have a selection of water related rentals to help you get out on the water.

Bike Share Hours

Bike Share is a day rental program. You may rent from 7:00 AM and return to SLC by 5:30 PM on the same day.

Days and times to check out a bike:
- Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM - Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM

All bikes, locks, and helmets must be returned by 5:30 PM the day of rental. If a bike share worker is not available leave the equipment with the lifeguards. Please bring the bike to the back gate when returning. Do not bring it through the lobby.

Checking Out a Bike

  1. Visit our sign up page to view available bikes and sign the waiver.

  2. We'll give you your bike number and key to the lock. a. Upon return, all items need to be returned to a staff member or you will receive a strike.

  3. Conduct a safety check on the bike to make sure it's in good working order.

  4. Have a safe ride around town. a. Check out the safety guidelines from the County of Hawaiʻi


It is recommended that all riders wear a helmet, so we strongly suggest you bring your own. You can buy a helmet at the Hilo Bike Hub , Mid-Pacific Wheels , or any large retailer that carries bicycles (Wal-Mart, Target, etc).

How many bikes are available?

We have a limited amount of bikes available. With your kōkua we are able to rent the bikes out consistently and be able to maintain any repairs for future bike-share riders.

Late Fees and Rules

The following information is about our Late Fee Policy:

  • If the bike is not returned that day, the "One Strike Policy" will begin to take affect.

One Strike Policy

Late Return/Improperly Locked Bike/Damaged Bike

Warning: After the first time that a bike and/or its equipment is not returned on time, you will be issued a warning. A warning may also be issued if it is discovered that you have not properly locked the bike issued to you.

Strike 1:
After the second time that a bike and/or its equipment is not returned on time. You will not be able to borrow a bike for 1 month and will be issued a second strike. You will also receive an automatic strike 1 if the bike comes back damaged or equipment is missing and be held to a financial obligation until repairs or replacements have been completed. A strike may also be issued if it is discovered that you have not properly locked the bike issued to you for the second time.

Note: Regular wear and tear such as a popped tire, scratches, etc., will not be charged but you must report any issues. If you do have a popped tire, it will be your responsibility to return the bike to the Student Life Center front desk. You must immediately report lost or stolen bikes.

General Rules

  • All Rentals are first come, first serve. There is no waitlist.
  • All bikes must be returned each day by 5:30pm
  • Any and all issues need to be reported to Campus Recreation and Wellness as soon as possible.
  • Ride at your own risk, Campus Recreation and Wellness is not responsible for any damage or injuries.
  • You are responsible for all damage that you cause to the bike.
  • You must follow all state and local laws while riding.
  • You must lock your bike properly each time, this includes locking both wheels and the frame to a stationary object. You are responsible for any losses that occur due to improper locking. If your bike does get stolen, please bring us the police report number.

Estimated charges for lost, stolen, or damaged items

  • Bike - $150-$850 we've purchased bikes for long lasting quality. Please be respectful and responsible for our bikes.
  • Key and Lock- $45
  • Seat - $30-$40

What if there are no more bikes available?

Bikes are checked out on a first-come-first-served system and we do not take reservations.

Cyclist Safety Tips

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • If biking at night, you must use a light.
  • If you get a ticket, you will need to pay for it.
  • Stay in designated bikes lanes around town.
  • Wear visible, bright colors, especially at night.
  • Follow the rules of the road, read the road signs, and stay alert.
  • Bikes should be locked securely through the front tires then the bike frame and finally to a bicycle rack.
  • Bikes should never be locked or chained to roadway signposts, parking meters, or railing. Only lock bikes to approved bicycle racks.
  • Bikes shall not be operated on pedestrian walkways or within campus buildings.
  • Review the safety guidelines from the County of Hawaiʻi or visit the Student Life Center front desk to see a bigger poster with information.