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Athletic Activity Proposal Form

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What type of activity are you proposing?

Please select one of the following activities based on their descriptions

Sports Competition

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  • Individuals or teams competing against each other in a physical activity using predetermined rules.
  • Examples: Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, 5K race, etc.

Per University Policy, All Sports Competitions must be approved by the Campus Recreation Department .

Note: Please do not contact UH Hilo Athletic Department to request facility usage.

Fitness Activity

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  • Organized physical activity designed with the intent to improve physical fitness.
  • Examples: Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Cross-fit, etc.

Per University Policy, All Fitness Activities must be approved by the Campus Recreation Department .

Note: Physical Education Classes (i.e. Kinesiology, CCE) and Athletics (Strength and Conditioning Coaches) are approved to administrate Fitness Activities.

Recreational Activity

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  • Organized physical activity, non-competitive in nature
  • Examples: Hiking, surfing, sailing, jogging, martial arts, snorkeling, scuba, beach clean up, swimming, etc.

Per University Policy, All Recreational Activities must be approved by the Campus Recreation Department - Even if they are off campus.

Leisure Activities and Games

  • Low risk of injury, minimal physical exertion.
  • Examples: Ping pong, billiards, shuffle board, chess, video games, foosball, poker, horseshoes, car wash, cookout, etc.

Leisure Activities and Games do not need to be approved by Campus Recreation Department, unless you are requesting recreational or athletic facility usage.

Please contact Campus Recreation Department if you would like assistance planning your event or if you would like to check out recreational equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need Campus Recreation Department's approval to put on an event?
Due to the higher risk of injury inherent in athletic activities, the University Administration has mandated this policy to ensure the safety of students.
View the University policy
What if your proposed sporting event is not physical in nature?
Non-physical activities may be defined by the Campus Recreation Department as a game - which does not require the approval of Campus Recreation Department.
Is dancing considered a recreational activity?
Yes, however, since dancing has a low risk of injury it does not need to be approved by the Campus Recreation Department. (Unless you are requesting facility usage)
I am not sure where our event fits?
Come talk to us! - Student Life Center - in the Campus Recreation Department Office, or email Tim Moore at