Campus Recreation and Wellness

County of Hawaiʻi Guideines for Bicyclists

Aloha! In an effort to assist you with having a worry-free and enjoyable riding experiences, here are some general bicycle safety guidelines:

Your Responsibilities

Seal of the County of Hawaiʻi

  • Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles: Every person riding a bicycle upon a roadway shall be granted all the rights and shall be subjected to all of the duties - (29 lc-142)
  • Obey all traffic laws and regulations (STOP signs, traffic lights, right-of-way, pedestrian walks
  • Ride in bike lanes, bike paths, shoulders, wherever possible and practicable
  • Ride only single-file on roadways, and always in line of traffic
  • Ride as far to the right as practicable - (291 C-145: Riding on roadways and bikeways)
  • Signal every time you turn or change lanes
  • Look back before changing lanes or turning
  • Call out loud "on your left" and/or honk when approaching cyclist or moped rider ahead of you, before you attempt to pass
  • Only pass on your left
  • Do not ride on sidewalks in business districts- (291 C-148)
  • Riding on bicycles: Persons riding bikes must ride on a regular attached seat. No packing allowed! Each person must have their own seat - (291C-143)
  • Clinging to vehicles: It's not only dangerous to hold onto a vehicle while riding a bike, on a skateboard, or similar equipment. .. It's against the Jaw! -(291C-144)
  • Always keep one hand on the handle bar at all times, it's the law.
  • Have your bike equipped with proper lights and reflectors, especially when riding at dusk/dawn and at night
  • Always wear a helmet (Persons under 16 years old must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle- (291 C-150)

Your Rights

  • On shoulders, bike lanes, bike paths, it is permitted to ride abreast, if it is safe, not impeding the traffic, and if there is sufficient width (291 C-145 (b))
  • If conditions are unsafe along the edge of the roadway/curb, and/or the shoulder, cyclists are allowed to ride in the traffic lane (291C-145 (a)(2))
  • Cyclists are permitted to move into a traffic lane to overtake another cyclist, vehicle, or pedestrian in the bike path/shoulder.
  • Cyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of all traffic participants.