Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Early Admission to UH Hilo

High school students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, have completed most of their high school graduation requirements, and can no longer benefit from high school offerings may enroll concurrently while enrolled in high school.

Students wishing to take advantage of this program should follow the procedures for "Admission of Freshmen"

Eligible students must present:

  1. outstanding high school grades
  2. written recommendation of school authorities as to academic readiness for college
  3. written permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian to participate in the Early Admission program.

Students are not normally eligible for Early Admission prior to the age of 16. For students below sixteen years of age, the written recommendation of school authorities must document that the student possesses the emotional maturity and social skills necessary for college.

One or more of the criteria above may be waived, but only when the academic readiness and emotional and social maturity for college can be dearly demonstrated through alternative means. For example, perfect or near perfect SAT/ACT scores may substitute for outstanding high school grades. Initial judgment as to admissibility shall be made by the Office of Admissions , which is encouraged to refer ambiguous requests or decisions that are appealed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

Students denied Early Admission are encouraged to apply in the following year.