Campus Recreation and Wellness

Summer Swim Levels

Summer Swim lesson times correspond with specific skill groups. Please review skill descriptions closely as our swim instructors will not be able to accommodate children of all skill levels in all lesson times.

Water Babies
Water babies, ages 6 months to 3 years, must have a parent with them in the water at all times. Swim diapers must be worn at all times and breaks are encouraged! It can be cold/sunny, wetsuits and sun coverings are encouraged.
White Group (Level 1)
Skills taught include: Water comfort, submersion, floating with support, underwater exploration, entering and exiting the water, and water safety. Ages 4 and up
Yellow Group (Level 2)
Skills taught include: Floating and rolling without support, underwater movement, gliding and kicking, swimming on front and back, and treading water.
Green Group (Level 3)
Skills taught include: Basics of breaststroke, butterfly kick, swimming underwater, open turns, and treading water.
Stroke Work (Level 4)
Stroke refinement. This is for swimmers who are ready to work on details of all strokes and dives.
Jr. Lifeguard (Level 6+)
This is intended for older students (11 and older). The focus of the course is on being a safer swimmer. This course does cover basic CPR/First Aid. There is a swim test, 100 yards freestyle and 25 yards of each additional stroke, plus a water tread using only hands, this is on the first day of class